Ian Kleckner

Researcher:Kleckner, Ian

Ian Kleckner, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor

Areas of Expertise:

Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, interoception (the nervous system processing of bodily sensations), brain fMRI, exercise science, clinical trials

The BIG Idea:

To understand how the body and brain produce subjective feelings, and to translate that knowledge into treatments that help patients with cancer feel better.

Why does the research matter?

Nearly half of people will be diagnosed with cancer, and although many treatments are effective against the disease itself, patients experience many side effects and symptoms that are common, severe, tough-to-treat, and poorly understood. My work helps us understand, predict, prevent, and treat these toxicities to help reduce the burden of chemotherapy on patients with cancer.

Who does the research matter to?

Anyone who is affected by cancer and its treatment (patients, caregivers, friends, medical professionals)

What are the clinical applications of the research?

To help understand, predict, prevent, and treat side effects of cancer chemotherapy to allow patients to receive full chemotherapy regimens and improve quality of life while doing so.