Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

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Our Students:

12% male and 605% BILPOC students

BILPOC refers to Black, Indigenous, Latinx, People of Color

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All are welcome at UMSON.

Diversity is a source of strength and innovation for the University of Maryland School of Nursing. We’re committed to preparing future nurses to provide culturally competent care, and we aim to help create a health care workforce that reflects the rich diversity of the United States.

We were the first school on the University of Maryland, Baltimore campus to devote a full-time, associate dean position to diversity and inclusion. With a goal of weaving inclusive excellence throughout the UMSON fabric, we are committed to enhancing the School of Nursing experience for all community members and to promoting an environment and culture in which we can all learn and work collaboratively.

Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

  • individual and departmental support with relationship and community building using a restorative justice framework.
  • professional development programs and initiatives.
  • a space for integrative and innovative thinking and a resource center for diversity and inclusion
  • opportunities for collaborative engagement in education research, writing, and teaching.
  • advocacy skills in ensuring fairness in policies and practices at all levels.
Upcoming Events
INSIGHT Into Diversity Magazine Awards
Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award
Excellence in Diversity Award 2021
Insight into Diversity 2020 Award
Inspiring Affinity Group Award 2020
Insight Into Diversity | Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award 2018 | Top Colleges for Diversity

For six years in a row, INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine selected UMSON to receive the annual Health Professions Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award, the only honor recognizing U.S. and Canadian health schools and centers that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion across their campuses. Additionally, UMSON's Booked for Lunch Diversified Thinkers Book Club has been named a recipient of the magazine’s 2020 Inspiring Affinity Group award.

To optimize our impact, together we must create innovative, accountable and sustainable approaches to equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging that amplify and demonstrate UMSON’s pledge to eliminate oppression in all forms and our commitment to the core values of respect and integrity, equity and justice, discovery, innovation, sustainability, and wellbeing. Yolanda Ogbolu, PhD ’11, MS ’05, BSN ’04, CRNP-Neonatal, FNAP, FAAN