Senior nursing students are introduced to basic concepts in psychology, ca. 1951-1952.   

Students of the 1950s benefited from the emerging educational philosophy that called for increased group discussion, formal and informal lectures, reading, demonstrations, and clinical observation.

University Hospital continued to serve as the primary clinical setting through the 1950s. Here, a junior year student prepares medication at the unit medicine cabinet. 

First year student Patricia M. Crist, DIN 1954, assists senior Joyce E. Johnson, DIN 1952, with a dressing change on a medical-surgical ward, ca. 1952.

Clinical Experience  

The emphasis on clinical experience continued into the 1950s, despite a dramatic increase in classroom instruction. Following preclinical lectures and laboratory studies, students completed clinical courses in medical-surgical nursing, the operating room, pediatrics, obstetrics, public health, and psychiatry. 

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