A Second Century of Nursing Education: 1990-2002

Strategic Planning

Today's nurses must acquire scientific knowledge and clinical proficiency and also be able to think critically and integrate research into practice. 

School of Nursing's Strategic Plan for the Year 2002 (1997)

Barbara R. Heller EdD, RN, FAAN, appointed Dean in July 1990
© Stephen Spartana

Strategic planning became a hallmark of the 1990s as the School of Nursing grappled with unprecedented changes in health care, technology, and society.

Building the Future   

The $38 million School of Nursing building, dedicated in November 1998, featured classrooms equipped with computer technology, pre-clinical simulation laboratories, state-of-the-art research facilities, an informatics laboratories, a distance learning center, and a faculty managed Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic.

Clinical Simulation Labs   

Students practiced emergency techniques on one of the simulation facsimiles of a human known as “Sim man” in the Clinical Simulation Labs, in 2002.

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