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Our goal is to provide you with proactive, intentional, and integrated services that promote transformative learning experiences.

We ensure accessible, pertinent, and timely academic advising, coaching, and learning support services where you can:

  • grow as a reflective learner
  • participate in peer-facilitated learning
  • develop leadership skills to achieve your goals.

Through collaborations with UMSON faculty, staff, and partners, our work cultivates a culture that responds to students’ needs and affirms each student's ability to identify and generate new paths forward toward academic and career success. 

Our academic and career services include:

Academic Advising

Upon admission to the BSN program, you'll be assigned aacademic advisor at the Office of Academic and Career Success who will guide you in the development of educational plans that are consistent with your academic, personal, and professional goals. 

To request an appointment:

Academic Coaching and Resources

We offer academic coaching to support you in identifying roadblocks, uncovering obstacles, and generating new paths forward toward academic success. Individual or group meetings are available online or face-to-face.  

We can help you with: 

  • time management  
  • study strategies 
  • test-taking skills 
  • enhancement of critical thinking and clinical judgements skills
  • stress management 

To request an appointment, email your academic advisor.

Coaching is also provided at the Macklin Center for Academic Success. Visit their website for more information.

Career Readiness and Resources

At the Office of Academic and Career Success, we assist current students with career advising and professional development as you prepare for certifications, internships, and jobs. We offer individual advising sessions in various career development areas, including: 

  • CNA Licensure 
  • Job and internship opportunities  
  • Job search strategies 
  • Interview preparation 

To request an appointment, email Laura El Shafei at

For additional support, the Career and Internship Services Center (CISC)  offers career counseling, resume/cover letter assistance, and more.


The Elm: Nursing 

Check your email every Tuesday for The Elm: Nursing, where job and externship postings are highlighted. 

UMSON Student Resources

Online Resources

We encourage you to visit often. 

Peer Academic Support

Guided Study Sessions 

Guided Study Sessions are led by peer academic leaders who are BSN students and have successfully completed previous courses. They have strong communication skills and facilitate learning for designated 1st- and 2nd-semester courses. 

Open Tutoring

Meet with 3rd- and 4th-semester peer academic leaders who are experienced learning facilitators who provide open tutoring for 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-semester students. Open tutoring is held both virtually and in-person.

Individual and Group Tutoring Support 

Individual and small group tutoring is available to students who are struggling in their courses as evidenced by poor performance in their exams/quizzes, need for language support, or another type of circumstance that requires extra academic support or remediation. Students must meet with their advisor first before being referred to tutoring services.

Writing Tutors 

Peer Academic Writing Support is available for 1st through 3rd semester students who need help with understanding their writing assignments, content and flow. Students can also make an appointment to brainstorm their writing assignments.

For information about peer academic support services please email your advisor or email the Office of Academic and Career Success at

Resource Bookshelf

The OACS at Shady Grove maintains an active library of required textbooks and supplemental resources associated with the BSN courses.

Located in the OACS lobby of Suite 101.

Same day checkout and return. Resources cannot be taken off campus.

Student Leadership Development

Leadership skills are highly sought after by employers. Leaders show initiative and are highly motivated, having skills that can make you stand out as an applicant.

Several leadership opportunities are offered at the USG campus to support you in the pursuit of leadership skills. 

Peer Leadership OpportunityContact Information

Peer Academic Leadership Opportunities:

  • Guided Study Session Leaders
  • Course Tutors
  • Writing Tutors

If interested in becoming a Guided Study Session Leader, contact:

Laura El Shafei at

If interested in becoming a Course Tutor or Writing Tutor, contact:

Brigitte Bard at

Student Ambassador Program 

Center for Recruitment and Transfer Access (CRTA)  

Student Assistant Positions

Inquire about applying for open positions at the following centers:

Student Organization Leadership

See the UMSON Student Organization page for the current leadership contact information.

For leadership related questions, contact: Laura El Shafei at

Student Organizations

These organizations are currently active at USG:

Additional Student Organizations are available at the Baltimore location.

Writing and Research Support

We offer limited direct one-on-one and group writing consultations, both online or face to face. Services include: 

  • Brainstorming  
  • Understanding Assignment 
  • Planning Content and Organization  
For writing assistance at the Office of Academic and Career Success at SG, go to your Blackboard Courses and click on UMSON OACS at SG Blackboard > then click Announcements. 

Macklin Center for Academic Services (MCAS)

We partner with MCAS in providing writing support services for nursing students. MCAS offers one-on-one online or face-to-face assistance with course work, projects, and presentations, including:

  • Brainstorming 
  • Content and Organization 
  • Grammar 
  • APA Formatting  

For more information or to make a writing appointment visit the Macklin Center's website. 

UMB's Writing Center

We encourage students to also become familiar with the valuable resources offered on the UMB Writing Center’s website.

Research and Citation Help

Priddy Library at USG offers: 

Health Sciences and Human Services Library at UMB offers: 

Other Student Services at USG

Weekly Student Emails

Watch your student email for the USG Weekly and The Elm: Nursing to keep on top of campus news and events and other important student information. 

Additional USG Campus Student Support Services


Meet the Staff:

Brigitte Bard headshot Brigitte Bard, BA
Academic Advisor and Support Coordinator
Room: 101C, Building I, USG
Phone: 301-738-6253
Remote Phone: 301-969-8665

Chiedzo (Chichi) Chaduka headshot

Chiedzo (Chichi) Chaduka
Office Assistant

My name is Chiedzo, and I also go by “Chichi.” I am in the Family Nurse Practitioner DNP program. I graduated with my BSN in 2015 here at the University of Maryland School of Nursing at USG. My experience is in medical-surgical, pain management, long-term care, and rehab medicine. Entering nursing a bit older than the traditional nurse graduates, I am passionate about guiding younger nurses into deciding to pursue their careers young and offering encouragement through the tough times. I firmly believe in “Tough times don’t last; tough people do...”. My other passion is serving marginalized populations; coming to America as a native of Zimbabwe, I know firsthand what it feels like to endure hardship and overcome it. When I graduate as an Advanced Practice Nurse, I would like to leverage my platform to promote health literacy to everyone I serve, regardless of their background or marginalizing factors.  

Laura El Shafei Laura El Shafei, MPH, MA, RN
Director, Office of Academic and Career Success
Room: Room 101D, Building I, USG
Phone: 301-738-6234 
Remote Phone: 202-599-7236
Hastiolsadat (Hasti) Olumishirazi, BSN, RN
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Hasti graduated Summa Cum Laude from UMSON’s BSN program in May 2020 and started her career as an ICU nurse by joining frontline health care professionals in the fight against COVID-19. Her passion for helping next generation nurses led her to serve as a preceptor in the clinical setting and start a new role as a graduate teaching assistant while continuing her education in UMSON as an DNP/FNP student. Hasti provides writing support and Next Gen NCLEX case study sessions to USG BSN students in the Office of Academic and Career Success.


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