Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Information

To practice as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), entry-into-nursing students must complete first-semester coursework from a Maryland Board of Nursing (MBON)-approved education program.

A CNA is defined as an individual, regardless of title, who routinely performs nursing tasks delegated by a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse for compensation.

Applications for CNA certification are made through each state’s Nursing Regulatory Body (NRB). The Maryland Board of Nursing (MBON) is Maryland’s NRB; therefore, the MBON oversees the certification of Nursing Assistants who live and work in Maryland.

Students are prepared to carry out the role of CNA if they:

  • are currently enrolled at the University of Maryland School of Nursing
  • have completed their first-semester courses with a minimum grade of C
  • are applying for their CNA certification for the first time.

Once you have successfully completed your first-semester coursework, we will send confirmation of your eligibility to apply for CNA to the NRB. You have 90 days from the email confirmation to apply to the NRB without having to request an official transcript. If you choose not to apply within 90 days, you must request an official transcript from the University of Maryland, Baltimore be sent to the NRB.

Instructions for Completing CNA Application

Step 1: Review the appropriate application instructions below, in step 3.

Please note: Paper applications require supporting documentation prior to submitting.

Step 2: Obtain the required materials

Obtain your criminal history record check. Learn more on the Maryland Board of Nursing’s Frequently Asked Questions about Criminal History Records Checks.

If you chose not to apply within 90 days of UMSON verifying your eligibility to the NRB, you must request an official transcript from the University of Maryland, Baltimore be sent to the NRB at mdbon.netstranscripts@maryland.gov. The Maryland Board will only accept official transcripts emailed directly from a digital credentialing service.

Step 3: Submit your application (background dependent).

Online ApplicationPaper Application

Applies to those who do not have a history of:

  • disciplinary action in the state of Maryland or out of state
  • criminal history (felony or misdemeanor)

Applies to those who do have history of:

  • disciplinary action in the state of Maryland or out of state
  • criminal history (felony or misdemeanor)
Download Online Application Instructions Download Paper Applications Instructions


Online ApplicationAdditional Information
  • Background check/fingerprinting: $58
  • Application fee: $20


For career counseling or assistance with completing your application, please visit the links below to schedule an appointment with the UMSON Office of Academic and Career Success:

For concerns regarding your application once it is submitted, please contact the Office of the Academic Deans at NRSAcademicdeans@umaryland.edu.


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