For summer and fall 2024 admits, please read this announcement from Student Health regarding compliance vendors: Transition to EXXAT. There will be further communication to come.

Let’s get compliant, together!  All you need to know is listed below.

Compliance Deadline

  • Incoming Students:
    • Fall Semester: Aug. 12
  • Continuing Students:
    • Fall Semester: July 31
    • Spring Semester: Dec. 31
    • Summer Semester: April 30

The University is in the process of finalizing the background check and drug screen process for the fall semester. Please wait to complete these requirements until further instructions are provided.

Review the Clinical Site COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements.

To be compliant with UMSON and UMB's Student Health, the following are required:

  • Background Check
  • Drug Test
  • Immunizations (including the COVID-19 vaccine)
  • CPR Certification - Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers
  • HIPAA Certification
  • Code of Conduct
  • RN License (if applicable to the program)

**Students are responsible for any costs associated with compliance.

Once you have created your UMID, please keep an eye out for a confirmation email from EXXAT with instructions on how to log into your account. To access your account, ensure that there are no spaces before/between/after your username:

  1. Use the URL (preferably through the Chrome browser) and kindly bookmark the same for your future use.
  2. Your username is your school email address. i.e.
  3. Click on the NEXT tab.
  4. Once you click NEXT, it will navigate you to the school site.
  5. Enter your school credentials and log in.

Please see the Logging into EXXAT via SSO document for more information.


for COVID-19 vaccine questions

Kelsey Bradford, MD, MPH

for immunization questions

UMB Student Health
29 S. Paca St., Baltimore, MD 21201

for registration questions

for BSN and MSN-E clinical/practicum placement questions

for graduate student clinical/practicum placement questions

for EXXAT concerns or queries

EXXAT customer support:

If you have any questions, please contact

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