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Desktop and Tablet Backgrounds

Click on the image to open a larger version for use on your computer or tablet. These large images will fit a variety of screens. If you have a small tablet, you might find that our wallpapers for phones and mini tablets will work better.

UMSON-Baltimore-Building UMSON-Building_Exterior-Names
UMSON-Baltimore-Lobby UMSON-Lawn_130-Anniversary
UMSON_Emblem  UMSON_Exterior-Building
USG-Campus_Building-III  UMSON-Desktop-Logo 

Mobile Phone and Mini Tablet Backgrounds

Click to view a larger size, then tap and hold the image to save it and use as wallpaper on your phone or mini tablet.

UMSON_Exterior-Building-Names  UMSON-Gate  Officer-Lexi 
UMSON_Exterior-Coutyard  CRNA  meyerson_courtyard-illustration 
UMSON_Phone-Logo  UMSON_Phone-Maryland-Nurse   

Courtyard illustration by alumna Rebecca Meyerson, MS '20.

Virtual Backgrounds

Click an image to download a larger size to use as your background during teleconferences on Microsoft Teams, WebEx, or Zoom.

More information on virtual backgrounds.

Zoom-Background_StepandRepeat_UMBBlueArtboard-1-100 Zoom-Background_StepandRepeat_UMBBlueHighlight2Artboard-1-100
Zoom-Background_StepandRepeat_UMBCharcoalArtboard-1-100 Zoom-Background_StepandRepeat_UMBCharcoalHighlight2Artboard-1-100
Zoom-Background_UMBSchoolofNursingZoomBackground2  SON_Zoom-Red_1920x1080 
UMB_Zoom_1920x1080_9  UMB_Zoom_1920x1080_9 
Courtyard_UMB_Zoom_1920x1080_9  Zoom-Background_UMD-School-of-Nursing