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For your desktop or tablet:

Right-click (or Ctrl-click) to save any image to your computer or tablet. These large images will fit a variety of screens. If you have a small tablet, you might find that our wallpapers for phones and mini tablets will work better.

UMSON Baltimore Building

UMSON Baltimore Building closeup on names
People walking on a carpet with the UMSON name  130 spelled out on the UMSON lawn 
UMSON Emblem closeup  UMSON exterior front 
USG Campus Building  UMSON Desktop Wallpaper with Logo
Maryland Nurse Desktop  

For your mobile phone or mini tablet:

Tap and hold any image below to save it and use as wallpaper on your phone or mini tablet.

UMSON Names on Building UMSON Emblem on Gate UMSON Students with Officer Lexi
UMSON Exterior in Spring CRNA Students with Mask UMSON Courtyard Illustration
UMSON Logo Phone Wallpaper Maryland Nurse Phone Wallpaper  

Courtyard illustration by alumna Rebecca Meyerson, MS '20.

Virtual Backgrounds:

Download one of these images to use as your background during teleconferences on Microsoft Teams, WebEx, or Zoom.

Blue Zoom background with black UMSON logo Zoom Background Blue with Black Logo and highlight
Zoom background gray with black logo Zoom background gray with white logo
Zoom background gray geometric pattern UMB Red Background School of Nursing
Outside around the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Nursing Campus Outside around the University of Maryland, Baltimore Campus
Outside around the University of Maryland, Baltimore Campus Zoom background black with white header and full color logo

More information on virtual backgrounds.