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Baltimore - Remote Access to a Desktop (Office) Computer

Remote access is intended for those individuals that have a desktop office computer and need remote access to Network Drives I and J (i.e. department files), access to specialized software on their computer, or have special security configurations on their computer (i.e. Banner reports).

Request Access

  • If you are not currently set up for remote access to your office computer, please contact the help desk, Nursing Help Request Form, to open a ticket for SON NACS to configure your account and office computer, and to forward the remote setup and usage instructions to you.

Currently Have Access

  • If you believe you are already set up for remote access to your office computer but need a refresher on how to use it, please contact the help desk, Nursing Help Request Form, to open a ticket for SON NACS to verify your account and office computer configuration, and reissue the remote setup and usage instructions.

Best practices

  • Do not turn off your office computer.  If the computer is turned off, you will not be able to connect to it remotely until it is powered on again.  NACS will/may be unable to power on the computer.
  • Do not put your office computer to sleep.  Please sign out of your account, rather than putting the computer to sleep.  If your computer is asleep, you will not be able to connect to it remotely until it is woken up.  NACS will/may be unable to wake the computer.
  • Please be sure to set up and test your remote connection before you actually need it.
  • If you are unable to connect, please verify that you have a working internet connection, that you are connected to the VPN and that you have entered your remote computer name and your username in the complete format as indicated in the instructions.
  • If you have been alerted that your password is expiring soon, please change it as soon as possible at https://directory.umaryland.edu/.  UMSON NACS is no longer able to facilitate password changes.  They are now self-service.

Baltimore - Reserve a Web Equipped Conference Room

Reserve a Room

UMSON courses are prioritized and scheduled automatically by the Office of Student and Academic Services. All other requests will be processed in the order they are received according to the start dates listed below. Submissions prior to these dates will be placed on automatic hold.

Room Notes
245 Any web conferencing software
255 Any web conferencing software
318 Any web conferencing software
335 Any web conferencing software
400 Any web conferencing software
435 Any web conferencing software
450 Any web conferencing software 
460 Any web conferencing software
470 Any web conferencing software
503 Any web conferencing software
535 Any web conferencing software
580 Any web conferencing software
618 Any web conferencing software
670 Any web conferencing software
732 Any web conferencing software

Shady Grove - Remote Access to Resources

  • Please contact the Office of Information Technology (OIT) at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG)
Technology Tools
Tool: Description: For Help Contact:

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ATI Nursing Education assesses and remediates students’ nursing knowledge while developing clinical judgment and critical thinking to prepare the next generation of nurses.

  1. Students - Contact your Instructor for immediate help
  2. Students/Faculty - Email:
    NRS Undergraduate
  3. Students/Faculty - Email:
    NRS Graduate


SON education platform (LMS)

Learning Technology Office

Degree Works 

Graduation progress tracker

Registration Office


eSignature is the easy, fast, and secure way to send, sign, approve, and manage all electronically signed documents

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Multi-factor Identification

UMB Help Desk


The UMB Wireless Network

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Secure assessment tool

Learning Technology Office

Faculty Success Tool

Generation of reports for annual evaluation

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Kuali Research

Grant proposal submission tool

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Effort reporting system

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Requesting to have your classroom recorded in Baltimore

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Recording lectures tool on your computer

Learning Technology Office

myUMB Portal
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Provides access to UMB applications, news, services and information 

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Office 365

Microsoft Applications (e.g. Onedrive, Outlook, Teams)

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Perceptive Experience
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Comprehensive imaging and document management system that allows for the linking and routing of documents to School of Nursing applications allowing authorized users secure and easy access to School of Nursing (SON) applications. The electronic documents are accessible from any location with internet access.

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Percipio by Skillsoft is a self-paced professional training environment provided by Human Resource Services

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Quality Matters

Deliver quality online hybrid learning

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Online survey software

Learning Technology Office


A secure place to store, organize, share, and access information and documents

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Create live polls and quizzes

Learning Technology Office


Content authoring tool for hybrid course development

Learning Technology Office

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Clinical management tool



A UMB Mailing List is used to send messages to a group of email addresses

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Teach/Tech/Together in 10

10 -minute presentations on teaching and learning technology

Learning Technology 


Chat-based workspace

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Final grade entry, advisee access

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For General Information:
Registration Office

UMB - All Systems Services

See the full list of UMB services

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UMID Account Management - Directory
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UMID is a crucial part of the single sign-on (SSO) system with a unique username that you will use to create your account on the UMB Account Management Site

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Conferencing Tool - allows users to connect with video, audio, phone, and chat - Subscription ending in June 2024

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Conferencing Tool - allows users to connect with video, audio, phone, and chat

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