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Fill out the ExamSoft Assessment Form

must be 7 business days prior to schedule date

Assessment Form


Read ExamSoft Options (PDF)

Assessment Options

Best Practices Assessment Options

Note: Below symbol: ~ = Rational 


Assessment Points

1 or 2 point(s) per question. 

~ Easily calculated in ExamSoft.

Pushing Grades in Blackboard:

Total Points must match exactly in ExamSoft as well as in Blackboard.


ExamSoft: 30 question exam - Total assessment points: 60 

Blackboard: Grade Center/Exam Column - Points Possible: 60

YES - Backward Navigation

If backward navigation IS selected, then "Missing Answer Reminder" will be selected. 

~ Students should know if they missed questions prior to submitting exam. 

NO - Backward Navigation 

If backward navigation is NOT selected, then "Require Answer" will be selected. 

~ It is better to require an answer then not having an answer and not being able to go back to the question. 

Show 5 Minute Alarm 

This option will be selected in all exams

Pre-Assessment Notices 

Academic Integrity will be in all exams.

All exams will also need to add special exam directions/specifications
~ This will be added as an attachment to exams so that students may reference to it within the exam. 


Secure Exam 

Proctored in class/lab. Lock down Browser
~ Most protected exam security

Password given at the time of exam
~ If written on the front board. After 5 minutes Erase the Password

Download Start
48-72 hours prior to exam Schedule Date/Time

Download End
If student uses their own computer
~ Download should end same date and time of the Schedule Date/Time.
If students are using the lab computers
~ Download should end 20-30 minutes after Schedule Date/Time.

Upload Deadline
Should be at least 15-20 minutes after the exam time limit expires.
~ You do not want to leave this option open: students should not be allowed to exit the exam room and upload exam elsewhere.

Remote Assessment Deletion:
All assessment downloads should be deleted at least 10-15 minutes after Upload Deadline.
~ You don't want students who have downloaded the exam, not shown up the day of the exam, and have access to possibly getting the password and taking the exam elsewhere. 

Non-Proctored Exam 

Non-Secure Exam
This is an Open Book Exam
~ There is no way at this time of determining if outside sources are being used.

Password given at the time of exam
Faculty - In Blackboard, the exam password should automatically be released at the time and date of the exam.

Online Exams

If using Upload Deadline:

Please give warning and clear instructions in your Announcements when exams need to begin:

 ~ EXAMPLE:  If exam starts at 9:00am and students have 60 minutes alotted exam time. 
In Blackboard, students were able to begin the exam up to 9:55am then have 60 minutes to take exam.
In ExamSoft, if exam starts at 9:00am and students have 60 minutes alotted exam time and Upload Deadline is at 10:00am, if a student begins the exam at 9:55am, it will only allow students 5 minutes to complete the assessment.