UM Nursing Program

UM Nursing is a collaborative initiative by the University of Maryland School of Nursing (UMSON) and the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS). The grant offers a unique opportunity for partnerships between faculty and nurses to conduct research focused on nurse-sensitive outcomes in both hospital and community settings.


  • Joint research proposals should examine nurse outcomes in the hospital or community from a team comprised of at least one UMSON faculty member and one UMMS nurse. 
  • The UMSON PI must have a regular faculty appointment (> 51%) at the UMSON. The UMSON PI must complete the pre-award form.
  • The UMMS PI must be employed as a nurse at a UMMS member organization at least 24 hours/week. The UMMS PI must complete the pre-award form.

Applications must include the following:

  • Letter of Agreement (this document needs to have all signatures)
  • Abstract (no more than 500 words)
  • Research Plan: All proposals should adhere to the abbreviated NIH R21 grant format to ensure consistency. Please upload the following into one PDF
    1. Specific Aims (1 page limit)
    2. Research Strategy (5 page limit)
    3. References cited in the proposal (not included in research strategy)
    4. Letters of support (e.g. consultants, optional)
  • Detailed Budget: Itemized Description & Justification
  • CV or Biosketches of each PI’s


How do I find a nurse researcher at UMMS or Faculty member at UMSON?
Please contact Gyasi Moscou-Jackson to find a UMMS nurse researcher. Please contact Tamara Jackson for a UMSON faculty member.

What are some nurse sensitive outcomes?
Nurse outcomes are defined as the patient outcomes sensitive to nursing intervention.

What is the award amount?
Up to $15,000 for a one-year project. Each Principal Investigator (PI) will receive an additional $3,000 for professional development.

Can I have a team of more than two?
Yes, one needs to be from UMMS and one from UMSON at minimum.

When are applications accepted?
Twice annually on June 1 and December 1.

How can I apply?
Apply for the UMNursing Grant.

When is the grant awarded?
Within 6 weeks of the application closing.