How many credits are in the Teaching in Nursing and Health Professions Certificate?

12 graduate-level credits are in the certificate.

What is the cost of 12 graduate credits at the University of Maryland School of Nursing?

Graduate level tuition is charged for each of the 12 credits plus applicable fees. Current tuition information for in-state and out-of-state students can be found here.

Will completion of the certificate enable me to teach?

The certificate offers you essential knowledge and skills for teaching, and it is designed to be a part of your current graduate program (master’s or doctoral) or to be taken as a post-graduate.

Whether a graduate is qualified to teach in any setting, clinical or academic, is a function of the criteria for teaching at that particular institution. Graduates of the certificate teach in a variety of academic settings as well as clinical environments.            

Who can apply for the certificate?

University of Maryland School of Nursing graduate students may apply. RN post-graduates with advanced degrees (master’s or doctoral) in nursing or a health related field may also apply.

Why do I have to complete a separate application for the certificate if I am already a student at the University of Maryland School of Nursing?

The certificate is under the University of Maryland, Baltimore Graduate School, therefore a separate application is required.

Can I take the courses in the certificate and not complete the certificate?

Yes, you can. The courses do appear on your transcript with grades so you have a record that you completed them, which may be important for future employers.

Also, if you are enrolled in the HSLM teaching specialty, you do not receive the actual certificate since the courses are part of your specialty curriculum. 

What if I have a BS in Nursing (or BSN) only, but no graduate degree?

Since most teaching positions required a master’s degree, you will need to wait until you are enrolled in, or completed, our master's or BSN-to-DNP program to apply.

How often do classes meet and where are they offered?

Since all the core courses are offered online, you can access the classes as you wish on your own schedule.

Are continuing education credits offered for the certificate courses?

No, academic credit is offered and contact hours do not convert to academic credits.

For specific information on the policies for the certificate, please see the current University of Maryland School of Nursing Student Handbook.