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  1. Backward navigation - when checked, what does that mean?
    • This means: Do you want the students to be able to go back and answer missed or not answered questions.
  2. What about functions that we currently use in Blackboard like:
    • Force Submit
      • No Force Submit
      • The Time Limit will be the determining factor
    • Display one question at a time
      • All questions are displayed 1 at a time
    • Multiple attempts
      • Multiple attempts per student is possible
  3. How can students taking the exam at alternate times - how does that happen?
    • Make-up Assessments or Missing Students (2 options)
      • Remove the missing students from the student list
    • Option 1: Create Linked Assessment [(Same Exact Exam) cannot edit or change any content]
      • Create new Password
    • Option 2: CreateUnlinked Exam (Exam question changes, setting changes, etc)
      • Create new Password
        NOTE: In this option you will not be able to combine the data because the questions have been altered. This will be a new exam.
  4. Do Pre-Assessment Notices instructions remain visible throughout the exam?
    • In the Exam, at the top of the page, students have the option to display:
      • Exam attachments
      • Pre-assessment notices
      • Alarm
      • As well as a timer
  5. Time limit - is there a force submit?
    • NO - but the exam will end when the exam time is up for the student
  6. Post Assessment Settings - does this mean posting the test, not after the test is taken?
    • In Post assessment setting you will see:
      • Assessment schedule of start date
      • Download Start time
      • Download End Time
      • Upload End Time
      • Remote Assessment Deletion
      • Download and Upload Email reminders
  7. What if you want to review a specific exam with a student after students have completed them, can you review their specific exam?
    • Yes
  8. Pre-Assessmnet Notice deployed to an entire cohort/class or do we menu select who gets the e-mail link?
    • Faculty can send the student invite to an individual student and/or whole cohort
  9. If a student is sent an invite link, but it doesn't arrive, they obviously can't download. How can we know if this happens, or if they just don't upload, or this nevers happens? 
    • You should give all exams 24-48 hours prior to exam day to download exam
    • Non-Downloaded Exam:
      • In ExamSoft next to a student's name you can see who has not downloaded the exam
    • Through ExamSoft you can send them a direct email asking why they have not done so yet
    • In ExamSoft you can set dated for email reminders as well.
    • Proctored After/During Exam:
      • If a student has not uploaded the exam they should not be able to leave the room
        NOTE: Best Practice - The proctor should check if the exam was uploaded
  10. Can we as faculty open an exam at any time after completion if we meet F2F with a student for review/discussion?
    • Yes