Collaborative Institutional Comprehensive Evaluation of Research Online (CICERO)

CICERO (Collaborative Institutional Comprehensive Evaluation of Research Online) is an electronic system for creating, submitting, reviewing, and routing protocols. CICERO allows the protocol submission and review process to be more efficient since protocols are stored in a central database for easy retrieval. Protocols can be reviewed and processed by required personnel completely online. The CICERO system allows anyone to create a protocol, but only the PI is allowed to submit one.

Although there is no formal timeline for submission to the IRB/CICERO, it is best to submit at least two months in advance of the anticipated start date of your study. Yearly renewal reminders are automated within the CICERO system and begin 90 days prior to IRB expiration. You should begin the renewal process as soon as you receive a reminder. If you have any questions, please contact the UMSON Office of Research.

Everyone engaged in research activities on a particular project will need to create a CICERO account. CICERO account and login information can be found at:

Instructions for Creating a CICERO Account

To create an account in the University of Maryland, Baltimore electronic protocol submission system, go to:  

Once you are on the CICERO home page, click on the Create Account sub-link in upper left corner of the page. Complete the electronic form and follow the prompts. The first item on the page will request an employee/affiliate ID. If you do not know your employee ID, click on the red text in parenthesis. You will be instructed to enter your name. The next window that opens will provide your employee ID. Follow the instructions in the last section of this sheet to complete the process. 

If you are not a UMB employee, do the same as described above (click on the red text) and the system will direct you to a link that will allow you to create an ID as a non-UMB affiliate. 

Once you access this page, enter your:

  • Last and first names 
  • Department (select the PI’s UMSON department) 
  • Title and e-mail address 
  • Reason for ID assignment(select CICERO account) 

Next, press the Submit button and an ID number will be assigned to you. 

Enter this number on the Create Account page. Complete the entire form and click the Register button located in the lower right corner of the page. You will be automatically notified when your account has been created by the CICERO system within 24-48 hours via the e-mail address you provided. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Research at 410-706-2619.