Please use these links as a guide for post-award grants. If you have any questions or need any further assistance, please contact your Grants and Contracts Manager to whom you were assigned to during your Pre-Award. See contact information below:

Briana Clark, M.P.Admin
Phone: (410) 706-6935

Amy Connor, BA, CRA
Phone: (410) 706-4515

Vanessa Pigatt, MS
Phone: (410) 706-6815

Forms, Policies, Procedures, Among Others:

Campus & Contractor Purchasing Guide:

Meal/Food Approval Form (for UMSON Use Only)

  • Please allow up to two business days for a response

Policy on Allowable Food Purchases

Procurement Services Purchasing Guide 

Purchasing guide/process for computers, food, other materials (includes: Allowable/not allowable purchases)  

Travel Guidelines   

  • Form, information, pocket guide, among others can be found under “Travel” in the UMSON intranet link here. However, please meet with your dept. manager directly as process may vary per each dept.

Hiring and Recruitment:

Request to Fill Position Form for Hiring processes for Contractual Employees
Policy on Hiring C1/C2 Positions 

  • Contingent Category 1 (C1):
    • contracts are renewed in 6 month increments
    • employee does not get a leave package
    • employee is only able to work a maximum of 19 hours weekly  if the position is needed for 1 year or more
    • employee can be appointed to a position (without a recruitment). 
    • employee is considered temporary & can be terminated without notice
  • Contingent Category 2 (C2):
    • contracts can be renewed in 1 year increments
    • employees gets 3 days of personal leave yearly & pro-rated annual/sick leave based upon the amount hours he or she works. 
    • employee can work between 20-40 hours weekly
    • C2s can be exempt or non exempt depending on the position
    • supervisor must go through the recruitment/interview/selection process.
    • a 14 day notice is required to terminate

Both C1 & C2 employees are health benefit eligible through the state subsidy program if the individual works 30 or more hours weekly.

Policy on Graduate Research Assistantships

Policy on the Recruitment and Selection

For any further questions on hiring and recruitment, please contact Kristie Nichols, MS, at 

Investigator’s Guide to Grant Management:
Overview of Application Process (

Post-Award Tips:
BBAL Post-Award Tips

Research/Faculty Incentive Plan:
Research/Faculty Incentive Plan

Study Participant Payments:
Policy and Procedures on Research Study Participant Payments

Study Participant Payments Gift Card Request Form Instructions

Study Participant Payments Gift Card Request Form

Study Participant Payments Working Fund Request Form Instructions - Request Working Fund checks issued from UMB Financial Services