The Administrative Services Sponsored Projects Team facilitates submission of funding proposals, including application process and procedures, so investigators can concentrate on the scientific components of a proposal. Staff members provide the following services:

  • Help identify funding sources based on faculty research interest
  • Provide an online mechanism to initiate the grant submission and track the submission through the stages of internal UMSON approval (Department Chair, Associate Dean for Research, and Mock Review Panel)
  • Assist in preparation of a grant budget and develop subcontracts
  • Prepare final grant documents and submit the application, including sign off by the University of Maryland Office of Research and Development, and submission to the reviewing/granting agency

The Office of Research and Scholarship Team members help facilitate and provide the following services:

  • Provide administrative assistance to maintain and update biosketches as well as letters of support
  • Provide feedback on specific aims
  • Coordinate mock reviews and provide written feedback to investigators
  • Assist during the final stage of submission by preparing and organizing final grant documents.

In addition to assisting investigators, the pre-award staff captures proposal data and tracks funding successes to better manage UMSON resources and learn best practices for successful funding applications.


Funding Proposal Review Resources:

If you will be working with graduate assistants, please review:

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