Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved as an alumni volunteer and help UMSON fulfill its mission to develop leaders in education, research, and practice.

Adjunct Faculty

UMSON hires adjunct faculty to provide clinical instruction to entry-level students in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and Clinical Nurse Leader master's option and to teach in select undergraduate and graduate didactic courses at the Baltimore and Shady Grove locations. Master’s- and doctoral-prepared nurses are encouraged to send a cover letter outlining their expertise and desired area of teaching, as well as résumé/curriculum vitae, to Karen Jarrell, human resource manager, at

Individuals hired as adjunct clinical instructors are required to complete the following requirements within 30 days of their start date. Cost associated with the requirements are the responsibility of the employee. Additional information will be provided in the offer letter, as applicable.

  • RN License (active, unrestricted and valid in jurisdiction of clinical instruction)
  • Immunizations: (MMR, Varicella, DPT, Hepatitis B or declination)
  • Annual flu vaccine, if clinical experience is between Oct. 1 and March 31
  • Annual check of TB status (negative PPD or negative chest x-ray if PPD positive)
  • Current CPR certification
  • UMSON HIPAA Training
  • UMSON FERPA Training 

Alumni Association Community Service Program

The Alumni Association offers rewarding volunteer opportunities for UMSON alumni at My Sister’s Place and Paul’s Place, two Baltimore community organizations.

If you would like to participate, send an email to or call 410-706-0674.

Alumni Association Recent Graduate Committee

The Recent Graduate Committee organizes opportunities to engage recent graduates with UMSON through volunteer programs, events, and professional development activities.

If you would like to join the committee, contact Cynthia Sikorski at or 410-706-0674.

Alumni Speaker Series & Alumni/Student Networking Program

Alumni have an opportunity to share their career path and professional expertise with current students through the Alumni Speaker Series program and the Student/Alumni Networking Event.

If you would like to assist students through either of these initiatives, contact Cynthia Sikorski at or 410-706-0674.

Career Advisory Program

Do you remember what it was like right after you graduated from UMSON? How you felt when you accepted your first nursing job? As you know, today’s nursing graduates have many choices about the direction of their career paths. With so many options, it is helpful to provide students with additional information and career advice. Your expertise is a wonderful resource for UMSON’s nursing students!

If you are interested in communicating on an informal basis with UMSON students who may have interests in your field of practice, geographic location, educational and work backgrounds, etc., simply complete the following form and an interested student may contact you in the future for advice and information.

Fill out my online form.

For more information about this program, contact Cynthia Sikorski at or 410-706-0674.

Class Representative

Class Representatives serve as liaisons between the UMSON Alumni Office and their class, especially during a reunion. They communicate with fellow alumni, share professional news (promotions, awards, and honors), and encourage them to participate in alumni events and programs.

If you would like to serve as a Class Representative, email or call 410-706-0674 and let the Alumni Office know of your interest.

Living History Museum Docent

The School of Nursing Living History Museum is supported by a dedicated team of volunteer docents, who are retired nurses and alumni of the School. The docents have tremendous wisdom and experience, and their presence is a reminder of the link between nursing’s present and past.

The museum is currently seeking additional volunteers to help in a variety of roles, including serving as docents who share the history of the School and nursing with students and visitors, as well as behind-the-scenes assistance with collections care and managements, including cataloging artifacts, conducting research, and digitizing collections.

If you are interested in getting more involved with the Living History Museum, please contact Cynthia Sikorski at or 410-706-0674.

Non-Clinical Practicum Hosts and Site Representatives

Complex health care issues have created demand for nurse leaders to implement evidence-based solutions to achieve positive outcomes for individuals and populations.

Our DNP students are learning these skills by taking a leadership role in practica and in quality improvement projects. Students provide meaningful contributions to sites, and organizations gain value from having DNP-level students’ engagement in advancing their goals and approaches.

If you have a practice problem in which you would welcome student involvement or are interested in helping to prepare a new generation of nurse leaders by serving as a non-clinical practicum host or site representative, please contact Stella Moshonisiotis at 410-706-0833 or

Open Houses for Prospective Students

The UMSON Admissions Office hosts open houses several times a year to introduce prospective nursing students to UMSON’s academic programs. See upcoming dates.

If you would be interested in participating at one of these events and talking with students about your nursing school and professional experiences, contact the Office of Student Services at 410-706-0501 or


Our valued alumni, above all others, understand the importance of having skilled, experienced preceptors available throughout the community to work with students from UMSON as they complete their clinical requirements. Having successfully conquered the rigors of a UMSON degree program and transformed your education into practice, we look to our alumni to continue the learning cycle and to open their doors to students wishing to follow in their footsteps. If you are interested in helping to prepare a new generation of nurses by serving as a preceptor, call Kristy Novak at 410-706-0163 or email