Do I have to apply to both the University of Maryland School of Nursing (UMSON) and the University of Maryland, Baltimore?

PhD applicants are required to complete one application to the University of Maryland, Baltimore Graduate School. Otherwise, you only need to complete one application to the School of Nursing.

I don’t have the recommended 3.0 grade point average. If I apply, will my application still be reviewed?

Yes, all applications are considered. We will review all of your supporting documents before making a decision. 

I’ve retaken a course. How will that factor into my application?

All repeated courses will be factored into your GPA.

Can I apply to both the BSN and CNL programs to increase my chances of being accepted? 

No, we will only consider you for one program per application term. 

My status says that I’m an out-of-state resident, but I have lived in Maryland my entire life.

To be considered for in-state status, you must complete the Application for In-State Status Classification

I see that you require transcripts from all schools that I’ve attended. Do I need to submit a transcript to your office if I only took a few courses at the school and they aren’t related to my degree?  

Yes, you are required to submit a transcript from every institution you attended, despite whether or not college credit was earned. See more information on transcript rules.

How do I submit a recommendation?

Within the Admissions Dashboard, you will generate a request to a recommender you identify.

Will it matter if I don’t include every school that I have attended on my application?

Yes, this will jeopardize your application. Your application will be considered incomplete and may be canceled if you have not submitted every transcript. We will request the transcript on Student Information Management System (SIMS) if we discover that you have transferred credits from one school to another and did not list each school on your application.  

Where can I check the status of my application? 

Log in to the Admissions Dashboard to check your application status.

How should I submit the required application documents?

All supporting documents for your application should be uploaded to the Admissions Dashboard.

I previously graduated from or attended UMSON. Do I need to send in all of my transcripts again?

Yes, you are required to submit transcripts every time you apply to a new program; however, you do not need to submit an official transcript from UMSON and do not need to pay for one to be sent. The Office of Admissions and Student Scholarships will upload a copy of your UMSON transcript to your application.

I’m applying for the entry-into-nursing BSN program and am willing to take classes either at the UMSON in Baltimore or at the Universities at Shady Grove. How do I indicate that on my application?

You must select one location on your application. 

Applicants Without a U.S. Degree & International Applicants

I am an international student, but I’ve lived in the U.S. for many years and have taken English courses. Do I still have to take an English proficiency test?

Yes, you are required to take the test if you do not have a U.S. high school diploma or a U.S. college degree.

I took courses outside of the U.S. Can I send you the transcript from that school? 

Applicants who complete coursework outside the U.S. must have official transcript(s) evaluated by a recognized international credit evaluation service. Official evaluation of all foreign (non-U.S.) coursework must be sent to the University of Maryland School of Nursing by the service. Evaluations are accepted from any NACES Member who provides:

  • course by course evaluation
  • both credit value and letter grade.

I took courses outside of the US as part of a study abroad program. Do I still need to get the courses evaluated?

No, as long as the courses were part of a study abroad program approved/sponsored by an accredited institution and the courses are recorded on your transcript.

Please contact the Office of Admissions and Student Scholarships if you are uncertain whether or not the courses are/ were part of a study abroad program.

More information for applicants without a U.S. degree & international applicants.

Military and Veteran Applicants FAQs

Where can I find more information about the education benefits available to veterans?

You can visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website or contact the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs at 1-888-442-4551 (1-888-GI-Bill-1) and speak with a veterans benefits counselor.

What VA Benefit Program should I choose and what is the payment rate? 

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has a comparison of VA education benefit programs and payment rates. It is recommended that before choosing a program you consult with your veterans benefits counselor through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  

How do I apply for VA education benefits?

After consulting with your veterans benefits counselor, apply for benefits online.

If I will be using Chapter 31 benefits (Vocational Rehabilitation program), what guidelines must I follow? 

Chapter 31 veterans are evaluated through the Baltimore Regional Veterans Office. Upon completion of the evaluation and determination of eligibility is established, a purchase order, VA Form 28-1905 (Authorization and Certification of Entrance or Re-entrance into Rehabilitation and Certification of Status Form), will be provided to the school and the student. The school can only certify the student for the specific program and dates listed on the VA Form 28-1905. Please call the Baltimore Regional Veterans Affairs Office at 1-800-827-1000 for inquiries.

How will I know if my enrollment certification has been approved by UMSON?

You will receive an email from nrsvabenefits@umaryland.edu confirming the date of your certification.

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) hasn’t received my VA payment yet. What should I do about my student bill? 

UMB Student Accounting will notify you of your pending VA payment. Shane Dubiel, UMB accountant, is available to assist with questions about your bill and VA payment.  You can contact Shane at 410-706-1337.

How long does it take for the VA to submit payment to UMB once I’m certified? 

The VA takes 6-9 weeks to process your certification once the School of Nursing files it electronically.

Who do I notify if I add or drop classes?

You must notify nrsvabenefits@umaryland.edu any time your enrollment status changes. 

How can non-residents qualify for in-state status? 

Members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines are eligible for in-state tuition. If you are an active, full-time member of the Armed Forces, are stationed in the state of Maryland, and have the appropriate documentation, you are eligible for in-state tuition charges. The UMB Office of the Registrar determines in-state status.

Who will provide me with my book stipend?

The VA will pay you directly for the book stipend and, if applicable, the housing allowance. 

How will I receive my "kicker" if I am eligible?

The VA will automatically pay the "kicker" funds once they have processed your semester enrollment certification. Please contact the VA directly if you have any questions concerning this funding. 

Will the VA reimburse me for taking the NCLEX exam? 

Yes, the VA offers reimbursement for licensing and certification.

How many months of VA education benefits do I have remaining?

To find out, you must contact the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs at 1-888-442-4551 (1-888-GI-Bill-1) or visit www.gibill.va.gov.   

Where do I submit my Tuition Assistance forms?

The Tuition Assistance forms must be submitted to UMB Accountant Shane Dubiel. You can contact Shane at 410-706-1337.

Please visit the VA FAQ page for more information specific to your benefits.


Can I take the prerequisite courses at a community college?

Yes, we accept prerequisite courses from any regionally or nationally accredited institution.

Can I finish the required prerequisites after I start the nursing program?

No, all required prerequisites must be completed prior to your entry into UMSON. 

Can CLEP, AP, or IB scores be used to fulfill prerequisite course requirements?

Applicants may be able to use CLEP, AP, or IB scores to fulfill prerequisite courses – see the “Transfer of Credit by Examination” tab for more details.

Can I apply to UMSON before I finish the prerequisites?

Accepted students must submit proof of enrollment for any outstanding prerequisite courses. Documentation must be received by June 1 for students admitted for Fall and Sept. 1 for students admitted for Spring. Acceptable documentation includes an official transcript, unofficial transcript or a letter from the registrar’s office stating that you are enrolled for those courses. Failure to provide documentation of coursework in progress may result in the cancellation of your admission. Proof of enrollment documentation can be uploaded on your student portal. All prerequisite courses must be complete prior to enrollment at UMSON

BSN and RN-to-BSN applicants:

  • must have completed a minimum of:
    • two science courses (chemistry with lab, anatomy and physiology I and II with lab, or microbiology with lab)
    • one other course (human growth and development, statistics, or nutrition)
  • can have no more than four total courses in progress at the time of application.

RN-to-MS applicants can apply with a total of 2 courses in progress as long as two of the science courses are complete.

MSN-E applicants must have completed a minimum of:

    • two science courses (chemistry with lab, anatomy and physiology I and II with lab, or microbiology with lab)
    • one other course (human growth and development, statistics, or nutrition)

Does it matter how long ago I completed the prerequisite? 

The only prerequisites that must be completed within the last 10 years of the application are Chemistry, Microbiology, and Anatomy & Physiology I and II. This requirement does not apply to active licensed nurses.   

Will you accept prerequisites that were completed online? 

Yes, we will accept online courses for prerequisites, including chemistry, microbiology, and anatomy and physiology I and II from any regionally or nationally accredited institution. Any chemistry, microbiology, and anatomy and physiology course taken online must include a lab component; the lab component can be fulfilled online also.

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

What is the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)?

TEAS is designed specifically to assess a student's preparedness entering the health science fields. It is a requirement for admission as it is an indicator for future academic success. The exam measures basic academic knowledge in reading, mathematics, science, and English and language usage. The content areas assessed on the exam are important to measure entry-level skills and abilities of entry-into-nursing BSN program applicants.

Who is required to take the TEAS?

All entry-into nursing Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) applications who do not hold a bachelor’s degree in another field are required to successfully complete this nursing entrance exam through the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI).

How do I register for the TEAS?

  1. Create an account at www.atitesting.com (you will only need to register once).
  2. Follow the instructions provided for registration, payment, and test completion.

If you have difficulty navigating the ATI website, please call ATI directly for assistance at 800-667-7531 or use this form to send them an electronic message.

What is the fee for the TEAS?

ATI determines the fee and the testing location(s). The fee is paid upon registration for the test.  

When should I take the TEAS?

Students must register for and take the TEAS test prior to the BSN application deadline for the term they are applying. Your scores must be received by UMB no later than:

  • September 1 to be considered for spring admission
  • February 1 to be considered for fall admission.

The official TEAS transcript is required by the application deadline in order to complete your nursing application for review.

How do I submit my TEAS score?

Select University of Maryland, Baltimore when you take your test, or contact ATI to have your scores submitted to UMB. All scores must come directly from ATI. 

How many times may I take the TEAS?

UMSON will consider two attempts per 12-month period, and there is a 30-day waiting period between retakes.

In the event an applicant tests multiple times, UMSON will use the most recent TEAS test score. You are required to pay for the test each time you take it. 

How long is a score valid?

We will accept a score as long as it is not more than five years old.

What is the passing score?

A TEAS score of proficient or higher, overall and in each sub-category, which is a minimum of 58.7%.

These scores apply to the ATI Academic Preparedness Category and in all subcategories (reading, mathematics, science, and English and language usage).

A lower score does not mean you will not be admitted. However, high scores do make your application more competitive. The Adjusted Individual (Composite) Score, the National Mean Composite Score, National Percentile Rank, four content Sub-Content Scores (reading, math, science, English, and language Usage) are all considered. The admissions review is holistic and all components of your application are reviewed to determine an admission decision.

How can I prepare for the TEAS?

ATI offers a study manual and two practice assessments. We strongly encourage preparation for the exam. For more information, please visit the ATI website.

I have my associate’s degree in nursing and I am already a registered nurse. Do I still need to take the TEAS test to apply for the RN-to-BSN program or the RN-to-MS program?

No, you are not required to take the TEAS.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in another field. Do need to take the TEAS?

No, once we receive the official transcript showing your degree is marked as received in your online portal, the TEAS will be waived for you. Please contact us at admissions.nursing@umaryland.edu to make this request.


Transfer of Credit by Examination

What credit by examinations do you accept?

The University of Maryland School of Nursing recognizes the following proficiency examination programs for credit:

  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • International Baccalaureate Exams (IB)

Required tests scores, credits, and transfer equivalency are determined by UMSON. Credits earned through AP, CLEP, or IB may be used to fulfill UMSON prerequisite coursework requirements.

How do I know if my score can be used, and how do I request a score?

Advanced Placement (AP) 

UMSON will award credit on the scores listed on the AP Transfer Equivalencies for UMSON Chart.

Request your score.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

UMSON will award credit on the scores listed on the CLEP Transfer Equivalencies for UMSON Chart.

Request your score.

International Baccalaureate Exams (IB)

UMSON will award credit on the scores listed on the IB Transfer Equivalencies for UMSON Chart.

Request your score.

Can I use a score that falls below the requirement?

No. Scores that fall below the listed requirements cannot be used towards credit.

My previous school accepted a score below your requirement so I did not have to take the course. Will UMSON?

No, if you did not meet UMSON’s minimum requirements you will need to take an appropriate course to satisfy the prerequisite.

My scores are listed on my transcript, do I still need to send an official AP, CLEP, or IB transcript?

Yes. Credit will not be awarded without an official AP, CLEP, or IB transcript.

How long does it take for an AP/CLEP/IB score to be received?

It often takes more than 10 business days. If your score is archived it takes much longer. It is best to make your request early.

Where do I submit my credit by exam transcript?

Official transcripts are required if requesting to use towards UMSON prerequisites. All AP, CLEP, or IB scores should be sent to:

University of Maryland School of Nursing
655 West Lombard St., Suite 102
Baltimore, MD 21202

I requested my official score be sent to UMSON a while ago but it still hasn’t arrived and now the deadline has passed. Can my application still be reviewed? 

No, we require all transcripts by the deadline. It is recommended you request your score early to avoid this.

Programs and Coursework

What programs are available online?

An up-to-date list of our online education options are listed here.

Where will I be doing my clinical hours?

We have clinical sites throughout the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area. Your clinical hours may be completed at multiple sites.

Is it possible for me to take courses without applying to a specific program? 

Yes, we offer courses through the Coursework Only (CWO) program

I was accepted into the nursing program but can no longer attend. Can I defer my admission?

For Degree Students:

In exceptional circumstances, accepted applicants to a UMSON degree program may apply for a deferral of their enrollment. The exceptional circumstances that we consider for deferral petitions are beyond the control of the student, and typically consist of: military obligations, and significant health challenges impacting the student or an immediate family member which will impact their ability to start their program. Please note that we require documentation (e.g. military orders, letter from provider to indicate the nature of the health issue) to evaluate an enrollment deferral.  

We do not consider deferral requests for financial or employment reasons.  Should you be ineligible for a deferral and you cannot start in the term that you are admitted, you should contact the Office of Admissions and Student Scholarships to discuss your options.  Please note that students who are not approved for a deferral and who are not able to start in the term they are admitted to will have to reapply for a future term, and admission will not be guaranteed.

Click here to fill out the Deferral Request Form. All supporting documentation can be attached to the form.

For Coursework Only (CWO) Students: 

Click here to fill out the Deferral Request Form. All supporting documentation can be attached to the form.

Coursework Only (CWO) Option

How many courses am I allowed to take through the Coursework Only (CWO) option?

You are allowed to take a maximum of two courses through the CWO option.

Do I have to take my two allowable courses during the same semester through the CWO option?

No, but you do have to enroll in two consecutive semesters to remain active in the CWO program. If you choose to take a break between semesters, you will be required to reapply to the CWO program.

I applied for CWO. When can I register?

You have to be accepted into the CWO program to be eligible for registration. You must first receive your acceptance letter and get your courses approved by your advisor before you register.

Learn more about the Coursework Only option.

Admissions Decisions

How do I accept my offer of admission?

You have 14 calendar days to accept your admission offer by submitting non-refundable $200 deposit to reserve your seat which can be applied to your tuition upon enrollment and submitting your confirmation form via the Admissions Dashboard.

You can find all of the accepted student requirements by visiting the accepted students page.

What happens if I am waitlisted?

You must complete the waitlist intent form available via the Admissions Dashboard.

Is the waitlist ranked?

No, the waitlist is not ranked. Unfortunately, there is no way for our office to determine where you stand in relation to other candidates on the list. Waitlist activity ranges from year to year depending on the number of applicants and space availability.

When is the latest I could be offered admission after being placed on the waitlist?

In the past, our office has made late offers of admission up until two weeks prior to the start of classes.

Should I notify the Office of Admissions & Student Scholarships if I decide I am no longer interested in remaining on the waitlist?

Yes, please notify us via email at admissions.nursing@umaryland.edu if and when you no longer wish to be considered.

Why was I not offered admission?

We understand that not receiving an offer of admission may disappointing. UMSON’s admissions process is rigorous and decisions are based on an increasingly competitive applicant pool.

Residency Status and Housing

Am I considered an in-state student or an out-of-state student for purposes of tuition?

This may seem like a straightforward question, but there are many factors that impact residency status. Please review the UMB's residency information to understand the comprehensive documentation required to qualify for in-state tuition.

Do you offer on-campus housing?

Yes. Please visit the UMB Housing page for more information. 

How do I submit a residency classification?

As part of your admissions packet, you will complete a residency application and submit it either by mail, e-mail, or fax to the Office of the Registrar using the instructions supplied at the bottom of the residency application. The completed application, signed and dated, should be submitted prior to the first day of enrollment for the term and program for which you are seeking admission.