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To provide you with the best assistance and answers to your questions, please include the following items in your email:

  • Legal name on your application
  • Email address associated with your account and application
  • Academic program (applied for or interested in applying for)
  • Academic term (applied for or interested in applying for, e.g. fall 2023)

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Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Virtual Admissions Counseling:

Virtual one-on-one sessions are now available! Speak directly with an admissions representative and get answers to your questions about UMSON, our programs, and the admissions process.

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Applicants with questions regarding our programs or admissions criteria should review our Admissions FAQ or contact an UMSON Office of Admissions and Student Scholarships staff member:


Kevin Maffey
Admissions Recruiter
Undergraduate Programs

Nataki McDade
Assistant Director, Admissions
DNP and Post-Doctoral Certificate Recruitment

Kelly Pawlak
Associate Director, Admissions
BSN Recruitment

Student Financial Planning

Phaedra Brown
Assistant Director of Student Financial Planning
UMSON Scholarships
Peace Corps Coverdell Fellow Program
Scholars in Residence
Military Services - School Certifying Official (SCO)

Latoya McCoy
Student Financial Advisor


Christiana Holden
Enrollment Coordinator 

Jaslynn Hutley-Pierre
Associate Director, Admissions Operations

Jackie Jackson
Enrollment Coordinator

Kendal McFadden
Enrollment Coordinator 


Sheena Jackson
Director of Admissions and Student Scholarships

Tara Howard
Administrative Assistant