UMSON Student COVID-19 Vaccination, Symptom Monitoring, and Testing Requirements

Use the UMB COVID-19 Management Portal to:

  • Approve or deny Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP) COVID-19 health information sharing
  • Upload vaccination dose information (if not using CRISP), including booster
  • Request a vaccination exemption

More Information:

* If you are both a nursing student and an employee, student requirements take precedence. 

Updated April 11, 2022

Nursing students who fail to comply with these requirements will not be allowed to complete in-person learning activities at either UMB or USG until they are in compliance.

COVID-19 Vaccination

Students participating in clinical experiences must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and must upload proof of vaccination in two places:

  • UMB COVID-19 Management Portal
    When you receive your vaccine booster, please update the information in the portal. Upon logging in with your UMID and password, you will see a link for "View/Upload Vaccine Booster Documents" at the bottom of the page.
  • CastleBranch (along with your other compliance requirements)

Returning students: If you do not see "COVID Vaccination" on your To-Do List in CastleBranch, call 888-723-4263 to have it added.

Please note that failure to upload documents in both systems will result in you continuing to be not in compliance with clinical site requirements; read more about Clinical Site COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements.

Hospitals and other clinical sites may have their own COVID-19 vaccination requirements. Students engaged in clinical site activities should note that external sites may have stricter vaccine rules than UMB. Being unvaccinated may impact the ability of a student to participate in activities at those external sites and complete the clinical portion of your education requirements, which will impact your ability to graduate.

COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring Requirements

This applies to spring 2022 students only. This does not apply to incoming fall 2022 students.

Students are required to complete the COVID-19 2021 Update: Protecting Yourself and Others online course if they will be on campus or using UMB-owned or -leased facilities.

The training provides an overview of:

  • COVID-19 at UMB
  • implications of the Delta Variant at UMB
  • the need to self-monitor daily symptoms
  • details regarding the UMB COVID-19 Hotline
  • additional information to protect yourself and others. 

Log into Blackboard and you will see the course, COVID-19 2021 Update: Protecting Yourself and Others (along with the name of your School in parentheses), listed under your courses. Click on the course title and navigate to the START HERE section of the course to begin the training. Completion of the training will be monitored by your School in collaboration with UMB Student Affairs.

Please be aware that some clinical or practicum sites may have their own electronic symptom-monitoring system that you may be required to complete.

COVID-19 Testing Requirements

If you physically access a location that is not UMB or USG in your role as an UMSON student, you must comply with any COVID-19 testing guidelines of that site.

Voluntary Activity 

Protect UMB Pledge: This pledge is voluntary, but we highly encourage all UMSON faculty, staff, and students to participate as testament to our dedication in improving the human condition.