UMSON Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

Use the UMB COVID-19 Management Portal to:

  • Approve or deny Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP) COVID-19 health information sharing
  • Upload vaccination dose information (if not using CRISP), including booster
  • Request a vaccination exemption

More Information:


* If you are both a nursing student and an employee, student requirements take precedence. COVID-19 test results must be uploaded both to CastleBranch and SAFE on Campus.

Updated Dec. 15, 2021

University System of Maryland Vaccination Mandate

All eligible faculty, students, and staff who will be on campus must be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Use the UMB COVID-19 Management Portal to upload your information directly or to approve the Chesapeake Regional Information System for Our Patients (CRISP) COVID-19 health information sharing. 

When you receive your vaccine booster, please update the information in the portal. Upon logging in with your UMID and password, you will see a link for "View/Upload Vaccine Booster Documents" at the bottom of the page.

Voluntary Activity

Protect UMB Pledge: This pledge is voluntary, but we highly encourage all UMSON faculty, staff, and students to participate as testament to our dedication in improving the human condition.