Admissions Process Guide

Understanding the UMSON Admissions Process, Step by Step

What happens after you have submitted your application? We’re demystifying the process with a step-by-step overview of the admissions process.

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Step 1: Application Submission

  • You submit your application.
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Step 2: Confirmation

  • We’ll confirm receipt of your application.
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Step 3: Initial Review

  • The Office of Admissions conducts an initial review and ensures your application is complete and the basic criteria are met.
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Step 4: Committee Review

  • Your application is marked “Committee Review” in the application portal. It is reviewed by the Admissions Committee for an in-depth assessment
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Step 5: Holistic Evaluation

  • Two members of the Admissions Committee review your application. They focus on your suitability for the program, letters of recommendation, academic record, writing ability, essay, test scores if applicable, and resume. Our review process guarantees that each piece in your application is reviewed as part of an integrated and comprehensive whole.
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Step 6: Consensus

  • If a consensus isn’t reached by the first two reviewers, a third committee member conducts a review.
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Step 7: Decision Recommendation

  • The Admissions Committee recommends an admission decision.
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Step 8: Final Decision

  • Your application is forwarded to the Office of Admissions team for a final decision.
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Step 9: Notification

  • You are notified of the decision via email.