Clinical Simulation Labs

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  • Maintaining Day-to-Day Equipment and Supplies
  • Purchasing high-tech beds, manikins, and more. 

Gaumard Super Tory

Meet Our New Simulation Baby

UMSON is home to a Gaumard Super Tory, a state-of-the-art simulation baby that is considered the world's most advanced infant robot. See it in action.

A catalyst for transforming students into practicing nurses.

For students, the opportunity to learn, practice, and be evaluated on clinical skills in UMSON’s state-of-the-art clinical simulation laboratories is an invaluable experience in their transformation from students to practicing nurses.

UMSON’s 28 simulation labs provide hands-on experience in nearly every nursing specialty, including:

  • anesthesia
  • surgical
  • primary care
  • obstetrics
  • pediatrics. 

Realistic clinical situations are created using high-fidelity manikins and equipment similar to what students will encounter in hospitals and other health care settings.

The cost of simulation lab equipment may surprise you.


Gaumard Super Tory
(high-fidelity simulation baby)

up to $100K

other manikins


other non-manikin equipment