The call for abstracts is now closed.


The 4th Annual Home and Community Based Care Symposium is a collaboration between the University of Maryland School of Nursing and Maxim Healthcare Services. This Symposium is designed for health professionals and community members that provide health care services to individuals of all ages.

The aim of this symposium is to engage health care providers and community members in an informed discussion on trends and forces shaping the future of health care. Further, that participants use this experience to consider and develop strategies that will enhance models of home and community-based care and ultimately improve health outcomes.

The 2019 Symposium will focus on the process of transition, for all patient populations, from skilled nursing facilities to the home, and potential challenges encountered during this process.

Call for Abstracts

We invite authors to submit abstracts for Poster Presentation that are based on research or quality improvement projects. We are seeking posters that:

  • present innovative programs that improve health outcomes or the delivery of care in the home or community
  • explore collaborative relationships among stakeholders within this model of health care
  • present improvements in home and community based care provided throughout the health care continuum

The Poster Session is designed to encourage student engagement. Students who are at the beginning of the enquiry process or are in the middle of their activity are welcome to submit an abstract. It is not necessary to present final data and analysis.

Submission Guidelines

Deadline for abstract submission is January 22, 2019. All abstracts must be submitted using the online submission process (link provided below). Review the submission guidelines before you begin. If you have questions during this process, contact us at

  1. Prepare your abstract as a separate Word document and have all information ready before starting the submission process.
  2. Provide the title of your abstract as you want it to appear in the program.
  3. Copy and paste the text from your abstract into the box provided in the online form. The form will accept no more than 500 words. Longer abstracts will be truncated at 500 words.
  4. In the case of multiple authors, one person should submit the abstract. This person will be designated as the 'primary presenter.'
  5. The primary presenter must provide the required information for all co-authors at the time of submission, whether the co-authors plan to attend the Symposium or not. Abstracts that name co-authors but fail to include the required information will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.
  6. Incomplete forms, alternatively formatted submissions, emailed submissions, or faxed submissions will not be considered for review.


The primary presenter will receive email notification of the review committee's decision by February 19, 2019. The primary presenter is expected to relay this information to all co-authors.

Presenter Commitment and Registration

Your commitment to present must be received on or before March 12, 2019. Failure to commit by this deadline will constitute a declination to present.

Presenters are expected to register to attend The 4th Annual Home and Community Care Symposium and to pay their own expenses. They are also expected to be present during the dedicated Poster Presentation time.

Guidelines for Presentations

Poster Presentations

Presenters can set up their posters Tuesday, April 16, 2019 from 7:30 - 8:00 a.m., using the stands provided. The corkboard display dimensions are 33 inches high and 45 inches wide. Posters should be printed on paper or other material that can be attached to the corkboard by pushpins, which will be provided.

Posters will be displayed throughout the entire Symposium with presentations taking place from 12:30-1:15. Presenters should be stationed at their posters throughout this timeframe for discussion and questions. Presenters should plan to remove the posters once the Symposium has concluded.