Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council

Mission Statement 

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council (EDI) views equity, diversity, and inclusion as the guiding principles and encourages departments and units across the university to utilize these activities. Our community is made of students (undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral researchers), staff, and faculty who draw from a dynamic range of backgrounds to contribute to the pursuit of our common goals (resources and support, community events, and innovating opportunities) in partnership with the UMSON Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and the core value of the University of Maryland in Baltimore.

Our EDI Committee has become an elected body, the EDI Council, as an integrated structure within UMSON Shared Governance. After the election to the body, the EDI Council will elect its first co-chairs (faculty and staff) and secretary for a regular two-year term obligation from its regular members.


The EDI Council was launched in the Fall of 2021. We have turned our goals and ideas into actions and results (including lunchtime learning sessions about EDI relevant topics with outstanding speakers in the field, engaging community services, and leading experts in variety and higher education).


We create an environment that explores the values of the unique Baltimore and Maryland culture structure and understands the importance of progress for everyone in our community. Therefore, we seek for:

  • Elected regular members of the EDI Council will be expected to attend and participate in monthly meetings.
  • Regular members consist of four staff, four faculty, and three students (one each from BSN, MS, and doctoral programs).
  • Associate members (volunteer, non-elected interested UMSON community members) are invited to attend open meetings approximately every other month.
  • The EDI Council Executive Council consists of three members.
    • One staff co-chair
    • One faculty co-chair
    • One secretary
  • Regular members and elected officers serve two-year terms (starting on July 1st and ending in June 30th), and elections are held every spring.
  • ANY faculty member, staff member, student, or alumni associated with the School of Nursing who expresses interest and commitment to attend and participate actively in the group may become an associate member.
  • Associate members are expected to contribute their ideas, effort, and time toward the EDI Council's functions substantially through meeting attendance, email communications, and collaboration on EDI Council projects and committee work.
  • To clarify, the UMB Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) is another body that provides recommendations to the University President on diversity, equity, and inclusion issues.
  • Regular members are highly encouraged to participate in EDI Council projects and consider chairing or participating in committees.
  • Standing committees include:
    • Re-envisioning and Strategic Planning Committee
    • Education and Professional Development Committee
  • Ad hoc committees will form to accomplish time-bound tasks, e.g., the nominations/elections committee.


We function in an advisory and consulting role as the following roles/responsibilities.

  • Share and review issues/concerns, recommend, create opportunities, and recognize efforts to achieve the University and School’s core values for all UMSON members.
  • Address, discuss, and maintain a mechanism for submitting and reviewing recommendations for infrastructure support of EDI initiatives in collaboration with the Associate Dean for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion with appropriate administrative units or academic departments.
  • Assist the Associate Dean for EDI with developing, implementing, and evaluating plans and educational activities.
  • Coordinate and enhance methods to increase awareness and sensitivity to equity, diversity, and inclusion within the School regarding race, ethnicity, gender identification, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, and other factors.


Each second Monday of the month (12:00-13:00) via hybrid/in-person conferencing.

We actively seek to unite the Baltimore and Universities at Shady Grove locations with representatives from both campuses with inclusive meeting formats. Please email NRSDEICouncil@umaryland.edu for more information.


UMSON EDI council is a mutually reinforcing principle within an organization. We focus on sharing experiences, providing a broader perspective, and leading an essential aspect of building an engaged community

Welcome to the UMSON EDI Council.