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Building a Team-Based Future for Health Care

October 10, 2019

Mei Ching Lee, PhD, MS, RN, assistant professor, Lee sees her participation boosting her knowledge in the areas of teaching, research, and clinical application. “The program is providing me with the experience of IPE didactic teaching of students from several schools at UMB,” she says. “These teaching experiences broaden my knowledge of barriers and facilitators in learning interprofessional collaboration from students’ perspectives, and they enhance the development and implementation of effective IPE courses at the University.

“The knowledge gained from teaching will inform better design of IPE studies and interventions that are practical and feasible,” Lee adds. “In addition, the Faculty Scholars Program will provide opportunities for networking and working with IPE experts on campus, facilitating team-building and collaboration in research. And by sharing IPE experiences and knowledge in clinical settings, staff and students will facilitate the implementation of interprofessional teamwork in the workplace.”

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