Religious Observance Excused Absence Request Procedures

Course/Simulation/Lab Assignments

Students requesting absences from class must complete an Clinical Religious / Military Observation Form for each affected course on Blackboard.

Clinical Placements

BSN and CNL students must notify the Office of the Registrar and Student Placements by end of the clinical registration period each semester of any religious holidays and/or observance days that will prevent them from attending clinical.

Complete the form below and submit additional information and/or supporting documents about your religious practice. These documents are only required once; however, the request form must be submitted for each course every semester.

Clinical Religious Observance/Military Obligation Form

Required for:

  • N327; N329; NURS 349; NURS 359; N411; N417; N421 and
  • N514; N508; N517; N508; N509; N511

Once clinical placements are released to students, changes to placements are no longer possible and student must make own arrangements to switch with other classmates. The Clinical Placement Switch Form can be found on Student Form webpage and is due by the site requirements deadline each semester.

Dress codes policies:

  • Restrictions and/or special requirements for scrubs are determined by each clinical partner and can differ per unit.
  • Details will be included on the Clinical Site Requirements Checklist for relevant sites on the clinical placement software system, STEPS.
  • Students are required to adhere to site dress code policies when on unit.