Erika Friedmann, PhD

Erika FriedmannAssociate Dean for Research
‌Professor, OSAH
Address: 402A
Phone Number: 410-706-0659


  • PhD, Biology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 1978
  • BA, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 1973

Fellowships and Honors

  • Sigma Xi Scientific Honor Society, inducted 1986
  • Anthrozoös, Deputy Editor, 2017 - present
  • Johannes Odendaal Human—Animal Interaction Distinguished Researcher Award from the International Association of Human—Animal Interaction Organizations, 2016
  • Fellow of the International Society for Anthrozoology, elected 2016
  • Sigma Theta Tau, elected 2017

Recent Publications

  • Friedmann, E., Gee, N.  Critical review of research methods used to consider the impact of human–animal interaction on older adults’ health, The Gerontologist, 2018, In Press.
  • Gilden, R., McElroy, K., Friedmann, E., Spanier, A., Son, H., Obot-Witherspoon, N., Paul, H. Train-the-trainer approach in the Eco-Healthy Child Care® Program. Health Behavior and Policy Review. 5(2):59-65, 2018.
  • Friedmann, E., Krause-Parello, C. Companion animals and human health: benefits, challenges, and the road ahead. In Grandin, T. (Ed). The Contribution of Animals to Human Welfare. OIE Scientific and Technical Review, 37(1), 2018, In Press.
  • Freedenberg, V. Hinds, P., Friedmann, E. Mindfulness based stress reduction and group support decrease stress in adolescents with cardiac diagnoses: A randomized two-group study. Pediatric Cardiology, 38(7):1415-25, 2017.
  • Turkeltaub, P., Cheon, J., Friedmann, E., and Lockey, R.F. The influence of asthma and/or hay fever on pregnancy: Data from the 1995 National Survey of Family Growth. The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice. 5(6), 1679-1690, 2017.
  • Zhu, S., Nahm, E-S., Resnick, B., Friedmann, E., Brown, C., Park, J., Cheon, J., Park, D. The moderated mediating effect of self-efficacy on exercise among older adults in an online bone health intervention study: A parallel process latent growth curve modeling.  Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. 25(3), 378-386, 2017.
  • Friedmann, E., Gee, N.R. Companion animals as moderators of stress responses: Implications for academic performance, testing, and achievement In Gee, N.J.. Fine, A.H., and McArdle, P. (Eds) How Animals Help Students Learn: Research and Practice for Educators and Mental-Health Professionals. Taylor and Francis, New York, 2017, pp. 98-110.
  • Dordunoo, D., Thomas, S.A., Friedmann, E., Russell, S.D., Newhouse, R., Akintade, B.   Hospital predictors of readmission among patients with heart failure. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 32(3), 218-225, 2017.
  • Son, H., Friedmann, E., Thomas, S.A., Son, Y.J. Biopsychosocial predictors of coping strategies of patients post myocardial infarction. International Journal of Nursing Practice. 22(5), 493-502, 2016.
  • Park, B.K., Nahm, E-S., Rogers, V.E., Choi, M., Friedmann, E., Wilson, M., Koru, G. A Facebook-based obesity prevention program for Korean American adolescents: Usability Evaluation. Journal of Pediatric Health Care, 31(1):58-66, 2016.
  • Gilden, R., Plisko, M., Hiteshew, K., Friedmann, E., Milton, D.  Pesticide monitoring on soccer fields via shoe wipes and urine samples.  Environmental Research, 147:294-296, 2016.
  • Warren, J.I., Montgomery K.L., Friedmann, E.  Three-year pre-post analysis of EBP integration in a magnet-designated community hospital. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, 13(1):50–58, 2016.
  • Saylor, J., Friedmann, E.  Biopsychosocial contributors to metabolic syndrome: A secondary analysis of 2007-2010 national health and nutrition examination survey data. Nursing Research, 64(6):434-443, 2015
  • Chung, S., Zhu, S., Friedmann, E., Kelleher, C., Kozlovsky, A., Macfarlane, K. W., Griffith, K. A.  Weight loss with mindful eating in African American women following treatment for breast cancer: A longitudinal study. Supportive Care in Cancer : Official Journal of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer, 2015
  • Lee, M. C., Hinderer, K. A., Friedmann, E.  Engaging Chinese American adults in advance care planning: A community-based, culturally sensitive seminar. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 41(8):17-21, 2015
  • Gee, NR, Friedmann, E., Coglitore, V., Fisk, A., Stendahl, M.  Does physical contact with a dog or a person affect performance of a working memory task? Anthrozoös, 28(3):483-500, 2015.
  • Friedmann, E., Son, H., Salem, M.  The Animal-human bond: Health and wellness. In Fine, W.A. (Ed.) Handbook on Animal Assisted Therapy, Theoretical Foundations and Guidelines for Practice 4th Edition, Academic Press, Burlington, MA, 2015, pp. 73-90.
  • Cutler, W., Burki, R. , Kolter, J., Chambliss, C., Friedmann, E., Hart, K.  Invasive breast cancer incidence in 2,305,427 screened asymptomatic women: Estimated long term outcomes during menopause using a systematic review. PLOS One, 10(6):e0128895, 2015. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0128895.
  • Lee, M-C., Hinderer, K., Friedmann, E.  A community-based culturally-sensitive seminar: Engaging older Chinese Americans in advance care planning. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 41(8):17-21, 2015.
  • Chapa, D.W., Friedmann, E., Akintade, B., Thomas, S.A.  Gender differences in stroke, mortality, and hospitalization among patients with atrial fibrillation: A systematic review. Heart & Lung: The Journal of Acute and Critical Care, 44(3):189-198, 2015.
  • Lee, M-C., Thomas, S.A., Newhouse, R., Friedmann, E., Kverno, K., Zhang, A.G.   Psychological distress among Chinese immigrants to United States. International Journal of Culture and Mental Health, 8(2):150-161, 2015. doi:10.1080/17542863.2014.913643.
  • Zeidan, A. Hendrick, F., Friedmann, E., Baer, M.R., Gore, S.D., Sasane, M., Paley, C., Davidoff, A.J.  Deferasirox therapy is associated with reduced mortality risk in a Medicare population with myelodysplastic syndrome. Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research, 4(4):327-340, 2015
  • Banankhah, S., Friedmann, E., Thomas, S.A.  Effective treatment of depression improves post myocardial infarction survival. World Journal of Cardiology, 7(4):215-223, 2015.
  • Freedenberg, V., Thomas, S.A., Friedmann, E.  A pilot study of a mindfulness based stress reduction program in adolescents with implantable cardioverter defibrillators or pacemakers. Pediatric Cardiology, 36(4):786-795, 2015.
  • Gilden, R., McElroy,K., Friedmann, E., Son, H., Obot-Witherspoon, N., Paul, H.   Evaluation of the children's environmental health network's environmental stewardship checklist responses. Journal of Environmental Health, 77(7):22-28, 2015.

Recent Funding

Pet ownership and successful aging: A longitudinal cohort study

American Nurses Foundation Nursing Research Grant (Co-I)
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program Effects on Anxiety, Depression, and Coping in Adolescents and Young adults with Cardiac Diagnoses: A Randomized Two Group Trial 

Primary Teaching Areas

  • Research Methods
  • Statistics

Academic and Professional Activities

  • Board Member and Past President, International Society for Anthrozoology
  • Editorial Board, Anthrozoös
  • Scientific Advisory Board, Athena Institute for Women's Wellness
  • Regular Member, Graduate Faculty, University of Maryland, Baltimore
  • Editorial Board, Human-Animal Interactions Bulletin