Veteran and Military Nurse Profiles

UMSON nurses have served in every military engagement since the Spanish-American War in 1898.

Meet a few UMSON students, alumni, and faculty whose nursing background has impacted their military service and vice versa.

Retired Capt. Diana Cangelosi, MS ’17
Branch: Navy 

“You give back in the military, and that continues into civilian life,” Cangelosi says. “You can always learn something new.”


Katie Casper, BSN, RN
Branch: Army 

“Being back in school is a bit of an adjustment, because I was so accustomed to having the support and commonality of the military mindset,” Casper says. “But I’ve met good friends — and in both the military and nursing, you find many people who are dedicated to always learning, getting better, and wanting more.”

thumbnail of Casper 

Staff Sgt. Hasani Green, BS, LPN
Branch: Army 

“[Nursing is] about empathy and respect," Green says. "I’ve cared for a baby two hours old and a man who was 99. Helping people enter and leave life is very special. I feel blessed to get that sense of accomplishment from my career.”

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Judy Harris, MSN, BSN ’80, RN
Branch: Navy 

“One of my goals was to put my foot on every continent, which I am happy to say that I achieved,” Harris recalls of her nursing career in the diplomatic corps, serving in Nigeria, Iraq, Nicaragua, Gabon, and Mozambique. 

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Col. Jacqueline C. Mitchell, MS ’07, CRNA
Branch: Army

“So many aspects of the military — and of nursing — suit my nature,” Mitchell says. “I’m a nurturer. I like structure and clear expectations and seeing the rewards of hard work.”

Headshot of Mitchell