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Virtual Degree Conferral 2020

Thursday, Dec. 17
12:45 p.m.
Please join UMSON Dean Jane M. Kirschling, PhD, RN, FAAN; UMB President Bruce Jarrell, MD, FACS; the UMSON academic leadership; and others for a virtual degree conferral.
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Directions to Apply for Graduation

All students must complete the graduation application by the deadline on the academic calendar to graduate.

To complete the form:

  • log on to SURFS
  • click RECORDS, then Graduation Application


Uniform Stringing / Scrub Top Decoration

a black and white photo of scrub tops strung across the street from 1983

photo of a stringing ceremony from the 1983 yearbook

Uniform stringing is a longstanding tradition for our graduates. The class of 1974 decorated their student uniforms to celebrate the completion of their studies. They held a "stringing party," hanging the uniforms on clotheslines that stretched from the Parson’s Hall dormitory across Lombard Street, proclaiming to the world their enthusiasm for their new careers. This tradition was revived in 2009.

This year, you have two options:
  • Decorate and photograph the scrub top you've worn while at UMSON.
  • Decorate this digital version by marking it up or using "stickers" on your phone — or print it, color it, and photograph/scan it.
All designs submitted to us will be voted on for:
  • most creative
  • funniest
  • best overall 
All graduating students are welcome to submit entries!
  • Entries are due by Dec. 2.
  • Voting will be held Dec. 7 - 11.
  • Winners will be announced Dec. 15.

Submit Your Scrub Top

Photo Montage

Please submit any photos you would like to have included in a celebratory photo montage that will be made available on YouTube.

Photos must by submitted by Tuesday, Dec. 1 at 5 p.m.

Students are invited to view submitted images prior to their inclusion in the montage on Dec. 8 - 9. More information about how to review the images will be forthcoming.

Submit Your Photos

Frequently Asked Questions

What is stringing?

Stringing is an UMSON tradition in which graduating BSN and CNL students decorate their uniform tops. Tops are then displayed and voted on by staff, faculty, and other students for creativity. Uniforms are "strung" as part of graduation activities.

How do I order regalia?

  • Order regalia through Oak Hill 
  • Order announcements, nursing pins, rings, and frames through Herff Jones

The last day to order is Dec. 2, 2020.


Academic Regalia


Bachelor’s cap, gown, tassel and red stole with UMB logo


Master’s cap, gown, hood and red stole with UMB logo

MSN (except CNL)

Master’s cap, gown, and hood


Doctoral cap, gown, and tassel with doctoral hood


Doctoral cap, gown, and tassel.


When will I get my diploma?

  • Winter Graduation: Diplomas will be mailed to the address listed in the Student User Friendly System (SURFS) approximately the third week in January.
  • Spring Graduation: Diplomas are distributed at commencement. If you do not pick up your diploma it will be mailed to the address listed in the Student User Friendly System (SURFS) approximately three weeks after graduation.

When will my transcript reflect my degree?

  • Winter Graduation: after the second week in January
  • Spring Graduation: after the second week in June

If you would like to order a transcript with your degree, click the "Hold for Degree" box when you fill out your transcript request. After degrees are applied, transcripts will be mailed to the address provided on the request form.

With the ceremony being virtual, will I still receive my pin and/or cord(s)?

Yes, any ceremonial items you would have received at an in-person graduation ceremony, based on academic program and performance, will be mailed to you at your address on file in SURFS. For May and December 2020 graduates, the items will be mailed in December 2020. Our hope is that December 2020 graduates will receive them prior to the December 2020 Virtual Degree Conferral ceremony.

Do I have to attend the NCLEX Review at the school?

To be certified as having completed all graduation requirements and to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) exam, BSN and CNL students are required to complete an NCLEX review provided by the School. The three-part review is offered at both Baltimore and Universities at Shady Grove locations and consists of:

  1. 4-day virtual session
  2. 1 mandatory practice test
  3. 1 synchronous course held online.

We recommend all students plan for the NCLEX review to be held sometime between the week before, of, or immediately after graduation. Current NCLEX review dates are available on the Academic Calendar.

For more information regarding the NCLEX review and applying for an RN license, consult the "National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) and Kaplan Resources" information on the Student Forms webpage.

For any questions, contact the Office of the Academic Deans at 410-706-4359 or

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the office of Registration Services by email ( or phone (410-706-2799).

Request a Visa Letter

Fill out my online form.

After Graduation

For questions about the NCLEX, NCLEX Live Review, or applying for your RN license, contact:

Maryland license questions Office of the Academic Deans
Out of state license questions

Office of Registration and Clinical Placements

Photo and Video Archive