Dissertations and DNP Projects

We're so proud to have such a distinguished graduating class!

We look forward to watching these spring 2022 graduates implement their research, plans, and practices to keep our profession progressing.

First Name Last Name Project Title Project Faculty
Ashley Abramson Hyperbilirubinemia Algorithm to Decrease Painful Procedures in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Fitzgerald, Jennifer
Fadeke Agboke Implementation of a Neuroprotection Bundle to Decrease Intraventricular Hemorrhage in Preterm Neonates Fitzgerald, Jennifer
Temitope Akinpetide Implementing a Neuroconitive Disorder Admission Algorithm on an Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit  Fornili, Katherine
Stefanie Albert Perioperative Screening and Multimodal Analgesics to Reduce Incidence of Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction Bullock, Lynn Marie
Ashley Alghali Implementation and Evaluation of a Diaper Dermatitis Treatment Algorithm for Neonates Satyshur, Rosemarie
Adwoa Amponsah-Poku Nurse-Driven Early Mobility Protocol on an Inpatient Medical-Surgical Unit Hood, Catherine
Christelle Asu Improving Early Identification and Management of Sepsis on a Medical Surgical Unit Gourley, Bridgitte
Marinela Babich Improving Safe Sleep Practices in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Simone, Shari
Bryan Barshick A Nurse Driven Process to Improve Ambulatory Medication Reconciliation Bullock, Lynn Marie
Salina Bastian Postoperative Delirium Screening in Older Adult Surgical Patients Yarbrough, Karen
Abby Belay Nurse-Driven Mobility Protocol Utilizing Valid Mobility Tools in a Medical-Surgical Unit Hood, Catherine
Marilyn Berchie Implementation of Postpartum Depressions Screening and Referral Costa, Linda
Alexis Biernacki Perioperative Music to Decrease Anxiety in Adults Undergoing Total Joint Arthroplasty Gutchell, Veronica
Maryanne Bilbao Reducing Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting by Implementing Apfel Screening and Referral  Franquiz, Renee
Fatmata Binta Bah Implementing Depression Screening Utilizing the Patient Health Questionnaire in Primary Care Clinic Costa, Linda
Tara Bozel Implementation of a Clinical Decision Support System for Peripheral Intravenous Extravasation Management Fitzgerald, Jennifer
Ivanna Buchynsky Implementing the Infant Positioning Assessment Tool in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Connolly, Mary Ellen
Zivago Bunting Implemention of Trauma-Informed Seeking Safety Groups in a Residential Crisis Unit Fornili, Katherine
Kendra Burch Improving Feeding Practices for Infants Transitioning to Oral Feeds Connolly, Mary Ellen
Samantha Burley Development of a Pediatric Post Chemotherapy Vaccination Protocol Simone, Shari
Louis Carothers Care Bundle Impact on High-risk Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction Patients Franquiz, Renee
Shannon Cataldi Implementation of Bedside Shift Change Handoff on a Cardiac Surgical Intensive Care Unit Jackson-Parkin, Maranda
Jennie Choe Implementation of a Safety Checklist and Guidance Tool During Well-Child Visits Miller, Marilyn
Jean Chung Reducing Chest Radiographs in the Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit Bundy, Elaine
Emily Cobb Implementation of an Extubation Readiness Guideline for Preterm Infants Fitzgerald, Jennifer
Alba Cogliandolo Implementation of Ask-Advise-Connect Approach with an eReferral to Maryland Quitline Miller, Marilyn
Alison Cortez Perioperative Corneal Abrasion Prevention Protocol Conley, Richard
John Dahunsi Implementation of the Abnormal Involuntary Movement Screening to Improve Tardive Dyskinesia Costa, Linda
Sarah Davenport Implementation of a Practice Alert and Safety Check to Improve Consent Compliance Wise, Barbara
Alexandra Del Barco Implementation of a Phlebitis Prevention Bundle on a Neurotrauma Critical Care Unit Jackson-Parkin, Maranda
Jamie Delgado Implementation of Standardized Patient Handoff on a Medical Surgical Inpatient Unit Bode, Claire
Adil Dholasaniya Implementing Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting Protocol for Breast and Gynecological Surgery Patients Franquiz, Renee
Catherine Dignan Reducing Postpartum Hemorrhage in the Obstetrical Population Aguirre, Priscilla
Jessica Ditto Improving Laboratory Monitoring for Metabolic Parameters in Patients Taking Antipsychotic Medications Bundy, Elaine
Tina Dominey Implementation of a Nurse-Driven Urine Culture Decision Algorithm to Reduce Urine Cultures Bode, Claire
Morgan Dunlow Preoperative Non-Opioid Analgesia in Total Joint Patients to Decrease Postoperative Pain Aguirre, Priscilla
Sarah Dyer Best Practice Advisory for Pain Referrals from Urgent Care to Integrative Medicine Miller, Marilyn
Joan Ejiofor-Okoli Improving the Rate of Admission MRSA Screening and Intervention Gourley, Bridgitte
Gibson Erhunmwunse Standardized Medication Reconciliation Program at Home Health Agency to Reduce Medication Errors Bundy, Elaine
Maria Escalante Romero Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting Reduction Using the Apfel Screening and Treatment Tool Aguirre, Priscilla
Karen Faherty Implementation of Delirium Screening in Thoracic and Surgical Intermediate Care Units Jackson-Parkin, Maranda
Rachell Farnham Implementing Standardized Crisis Center Screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adult Trauma Fornili, Katherine
Rachel Figiel Improving Inpatient Substance Use Screening and Referral to an Addiction Consult Team Fornili, Katherine
Esther Forte Reducing Spinal Induced Hypotension with the Administration of Ondansetron in Obstetric Patients Alessandrini, Erica
Bernice Foryoung Decreasing Bedding Time for Patients Admitted to the Telemetry Unit Gourley, Bridgitte
Shelly Fourhman Fall Prevention: A Purposeful Rounding Quality Improvement Project Bennett, DeNiece
Olivia Foya Implementing and Evaluating Developmental Positioning in the Neonatal Intesive Care Unit Satyshur, Rosemarie
Dana Frank Implementing Measurement-Based Care in an Outpatient Mental Health Clinic Hood, Catherine
Ruth-Anne Fraser Implementing Resuscitated Cardiac Arrest Debriefing in the
Medical Intensive Care Unit
Jackson-Parkin, Maranda
Elizabeth Friesen Implementation of Screening for High Fall Risk Medications in Hospitalized Older Adults Jackson-Parkin, Maranda
Crystal Furr Postpartum Depression Screening in the Pediatric Emergency Department Simone, Shari
Letitia Gallant Unintended Extubation Prevention Bundle in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Connolly, Mary Ellen
Sonia Galvan Implementing Purposeful Rounding for Falls Prevention Bennett, DeNiece
Sarma Givens Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Multicomponent Care Bundle Among Intubated Patients Bullock, Lynn Marie
Katherine Glotfelty Improving Management of Hypersensitivity and Anaphylactic Reactions in an Oncology Infusion Center  Seidl, Kristin 
Brendan Gonski Post-Operative Cognitive Dysfunction Using the Mini-Cog Screening Tool Franquiz, Renee
Heather Graham Implementation of a Discharge Planning Checklist for Pediatric Complex Care Patients Miller, Marilyn
Rachel Greenberg Implementation of an Anesthesia Practice Change to Impact Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction Franquiz, Renee
Allison Groff Implementation of Infant Driven Feeding ™ Program Connolly, Mary Ellen
Cecilia Gutwald Blood Product Conservation Project on a Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit Jackson-Parkin, Maranda
Alexandra Guzik Decreasing Diaper Dermatitis at a Mid-Atlantic Hospital Fitzgerald, Jennifer
Amanda Hansen Implementation of the revised-FLACC Observational Pain Scale on a Pediatric Unit Simone, Shari
Ashley Hernandez Implementation and Evaluation of Staff Debriefing After Seclusion and Restraint Events Satyshur, Rosemarie
Breeana Holmes Implementation of a Depression Identification & Treatment Protocol for Older Adults Bode, Claire
Delaram Homayouni Implementing Guidelines to Manage Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in Laparoscopic Surgery Patients Alessandrini, Erica
Audra Houser Nurse Practitioner Led Behavioral Intervention Program for Adult Patients with Overactive Bladder Costa, Linda
Keisha Indenbaum-Bates A Neonatal Dextrose Gel Algorithm to Increase Exclusive Breastfeeding Rates at Discharge Satyshur, Rosemarie
Mulikat Ishola Implementing Interprofessional Discharge Planning to Reduce Time for Patient Discharge Gourley, Bridgitte
Helena Jenkins Implementing an Electronic Telemetry Downgrade Score on a General Surgical Unit Bode, Claire
Xiaohong Jiang Implementation of an Electronic Labeling System to Reduce Blood Type Specimen Rejection Alessandrini, Erica
Jordan Johnson Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting Prevention in Patients Undergoing Spinal Surgery Aguirre, Priscilla
Lacey Kang Reducing Vaccine Related Pain in Pediatric Patients Connolly, Mary Ellen
Emily Keadle Palliative Care Screening Tool Implementation in a Medical Intensive Care Unit Hood, Catherine
Pavara Keeney Implementation of Glycemic Management Algorithm during the Perioperative Phase in Orthopedic Surgery Yarbrough, Karen
Mariama Keita Implementation of Telemedicine During ICU Rounds to Increase Family Presence Callender, Kimberly
Rebecca Kelley Preventing Falls in the Surgical Setting by Implementing a Fall Prevention Bundle Gutchell, Veronica
Erin Kenny Implementation of a Pulsatile Flush Procedure for Central Line Maintenance Wise, Barbara
Esther Kim Implementing an Electronic Tool for Multidisciplinary Rounding Costa, Linda
Sarah Kramer Implementing and Evaluating a Nonpharmacologic Delirium Prevention Bundle in Pediatric Intensive Care   Satyshur, Rosemarie
Tamra Kuntz Implementation of CHG Cue Card Tool to Increase Adherence to Chlorhexidine Treatments Wise, Barbara
Victoria Kutch Nursing Process Change with Task Reminder to Improve Inpatient Colonoscopies Hood, Catherine
Tatyauna Lanier Promoting Early Mobility in The Medical Intensive Care Unit Bundy, Elaine
Marcella Leath Decreasing Time to Palliative Care Consultation in an Intensive Care Unit   Van de Castle, Barbara 
Morgan Lee Transitioning to Electronic Safe Sleep Documentation in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Wise, Barbara
Suzanne Levitch Implementation of an Intraoperative Checklist for Postoperative Delirium Prevention for Anesthesia Providers Yarbrough, Karen
Stephanie Levy Implementing the Early Onset Sepsis Calculator in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Fitzgerald, Jennifer
Samantha Chuffo Lind Perioperative Gylycemic Guideline Implementation for Adult Colorectal Surgery Yarbrough, Karen
Lauren Lu Palliative Needs Screening in a Surgical Intensive Care Unit Wilson, Tracey
Bandana Luitel Implementing the Fall TIPS Tool in a Medical-Surgical Unit Bennett, DeNiece
Molly Madden Implementation of an Intraoperative Prevention Protocol and Post-Operative Treatment for Corneal Abrasions Conley, Richard
Shelley Martin Implementing Fall TIPS on a Burn and Trauma Unit Callender, Kimberly
Rachel Meek Improving Asynchronous Handoff Communication by Implementing an Electronic Handoff Documentation Tool Bennett, DeNiece
Mariah Miller Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Screening in Parents of Trauma Patients Simone, Shari
Susan Miller Implementation of a Palliative Symptom Management Checklist in an Intensive Care Unit Miller, Marilyn
Amanda Misset Implementation of a Medication Management Plan for Patients with Ventricular Assist Devices Wilson, Tracey
Rebecca Monk Implementation of a Pediatric Burn Occupational Therapy Pathway to Decrease Unnecessary Admissions Connolly, Mary Ellen
DoRhonja Nichols Reducing Falls in a Cardiac Stepdown Unit Bundy, Elaine
Stacian  Nwaukwa Implementation and Evaluation of a Patient Handoff Tool to Improve Nurses Communication   Satyshur, Rosemarie  
Oluwaseun Ogunbajo Implementation of a Discharge Readiness Assessment Tool Bode, Claire
Nkiruka Okoyechira Implementation of Music to Reduce Preoperative Anxiety in Gynecologic Patients Gutchell, Veronica
Joon Park Utilization of Asthma Action Plan in the Pediatric Emergency Department Bundy, Elaine
Sun Young Park Implementation of Bedside Mobility Assessment Tool to Prevent Falls Callender, Kimberly
Jaimie Pollock Implementation of Interprofessional Case Conferencing to Address Complex Biopsychosocial Needs Costa, Linda
Julie Reback Improving Wait Times in the Infusion Center for Head and Neck Cancer Franquiz, Renee
Tashima Ricks Screening for Trauma due to COVID-19 During Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment Miller, Marilyn
Christine Ro Fall Prevention: Implementation of Hourly Rounding on an Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit Bode, Claire
Maria Robinson Implementation of an Algorithm to Prevent Pressure Injuries Among Immobile Residents  Callender, Kimberly
Manuel Santiago Implementation of an Intravenous Lidocaine Infusion Order Set   Costa, Linda 
Ronald Schoenberger Preventative Screening and Multimodal Anesthesia to Reduce Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction Bullock, Lynn Marie
Phudorji Sherpa Utilization of Deterioration Index Model to Improve Sepsis Management in Medical Unit Gourley, Bridgitte
Chelsea Shock Food Insecurity Screening and Referral in a Pediatric Emergency Department   Satyshur, Rosemarie
Sandi Shroyer Implementation of Preoperative Optimization Algorithms to Minimize Elective Surgery Cancellations Conley, Richard
Jessica Smith Screening for Inappropriate Polypharmacy in Assisted Living Residents Windemuth, Brenda 
Safa Soliman Implementation of a Preoperative Risk Assessment for Post-Operative Nausea and Vomiting Conley, Richard
Samiat Soyan Preoperative Music to Decrease Anxiety in Patients Undergoing Gastrointestinal Procedures Gutchell, Veronica
Amber Steele Clinical Practice Algorithm for Glycemic Management in Gynecological Surgical Patients Yarbrough, Karen
Rachel Stein Neuropsychiatric Symptom Assessment for Geriatric Patients with Dementia on Acute Medical Units Fornili, Katherine
Kishma Stephens-Martins Implementation of an Asthma Action Plan to Improve Asthma Management in Children Wise, Barbara
Liane Sweeney Implementation of Injured Trauma Survivors Screen for Traumatically Injured Patients Wilson, Tracey
Kathy Thang Implementation of Fall TIPS to Reduce Patient Fall Rate Bennett, DeNiece
Sheba Thomas Reducing Rapid Response Calls Related to Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Using  AUDIT-C Tool Alessandrini, Erica
Sydney Justiniano  Torres Implementation of an Oral Mucositis Prevention Care Bundle  Connolly, Mary Ellen
Thomas Trobiano Implementation of Advance Care Planning Discussions and Completion of Advance Directives Wilson, Tracey
Ramsey Valenti Early Implementation of Advance Directives in Oncology to Improve End-of-Life Outcomes Gutchell, Veronica
Jaime Van Allen Implementation of a Delirium Assessment Tool on a Medical Surgical Unit Bullock, Lynn Marie
Emma Varner Integration of Lactation Messaging and Resources in the Patient Portal Connolly, Mary Ellen
Kendall Vaughan Implementation of Oral Dextrose Gel for Asymptomatic Neonatal Hypoglycemia Fitzgerald, Jennifer
Emily Vaughn Implementation of Lung Cancer Screening Tool to Improve Kidney Transplant Work Up Wilson, Tracey
Jane Velugu Implementation of the bCAM Tool for Prompt Identification of Postoperative Delirium Yarbrough, Karen
Samantha Vogt Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in The Primary Care Setting Bullock, Lynn Marie
Mary Wallace Implementation a Fall Safety Checklist During Shift Change Handoff Callender, Kimberly
Alicia Ward Preventing Spinal Induced Hypotension in Geriatric Orthopedic Patients with Ondansetron Alessandrini, Erica
Kianna Weissman Implementation of Hourly Rounding to Improve Patient Satisfaction and Perceived Staff Responsiveness  Gourley, Bridgitte
Carrie Weldon Implementing a Protocol to Prevent Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in Surgical Patients Conley, Richard
Rhea Williams Reducing Emergency Department Referrals for Dehydration Following Bariatric Surgery Bennett, DeNiece
Kaitlyn Witt Using Manometers in Operating Rooms to Reduce Postoperative Sore Throat Aguirre, Priscilla
Stacey Wolf Reducing Postoperative Pain in Neuroskeletal Patients Aguirre, Priscilla
Jennifer Zeller Reducing Time to First Ambulation After Pancreatic Surgery Gutchell, Veronica