Dissertations and DNP Projects

We're so proud to have such a distinguished graduating class!

We look forward to watching these spring 2020 graduates implement their research, plans, and practices to keep our profession progressing.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Graduates

Last NameFirst NameDissertation TitleFaculty Advisor
Rozenberg llya The Use of Naltrexone Among Young Adults with Opioid Use Disorder  Storr, Carla 
Son  Hyojin Adult Patients' Experience Using Patient Portal: The Impact of Perceived Usability on Portal Use Behavior Eun-Shim Nahm
Walker Mark The Experiences and Expressions of Compassion Among Critical Care Nurses Scrandis, Debra

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Graduates

Last NameFirst NameProject TitleProject Faculty Advisor or Chair
Ajayi Temitope Implementing Virtual Hand-off with a Standardized Tool Gourley, Bridgette
Allen Christina Post-Operative Urinary Tract Infection Reduction: Discharge Bundle Implementation in Outpatient Urogynecology Patients Gourley, Bridgitte
Anderson Courtney The Evidence Integration Triangle for Management of Behavioral Psychological Symptoms of Dementia Yarbrough, Karen
Babola Natalie Standardized Telephone Follow-Up Calls for New Ventricular Assist Device Patients Clark, Karen
Boidock Ashleigh Implementation of a Behavioral Pain Scale for Traumatic Brain Injured Patients Cook, Linda
Bortner Sara Implementation of a Protocol-driven Medical Clearance Algorithm in Behavioral Health Crisis Services Fornili, Katherine
Boyajian Toni Screening for Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence in a College Health Clinic Bode, Claire
Brown Jennifer Implementation of Mindfulness with Emergency Nurse Practitioners to Decrease Burnout Rawlett, Kristen
Brown Caroline Prophylactic Sacral Dressings and Skin Assessments in Acute Care Emergency Surgery Patients Satyshur, Rosemarie
Butchart Julie Implementing Psychiatric Safety Planning in the Adult Emergency Setting to Decrease Re-Presentation Satyshur, Rosemarie
Caalim April Joyce Preoperative and Intraoperative Interventions for Enhanced Recovery after Gynecological Surgery Piscotty, Ronald
Campion Kathryn Disease-Specific Patient-Reported Outcome Tool in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Akintade, Bimbola
Conley Richard Implementation of Carbohydrate-Based Liquid Nutrition in Labor Bundy, Elaine
Copeland Chad Reducing Iatrogenic Anemia Using  Blood Saving Techniques Akintade, Bimbola
Davis Stacian Clinician Perceptions of a Mobile Electronic Health Record Application Piscotty, Ronald
Dawson Lauren Implementation of a Nurse Mentorship Program Franquiz, Renee
DiNardo Theresa Implementation of a Multidisciplinary Approach to Mass Casualty Incident Response Cook, Linda
Doyle Karen Mitigating Workplace Violence Utilizing the Broset Violence Checklist Jones-Parker, Hazel
Du Claire Postoperative Interventions for Enhanced Recovery After Gynecological Surgery Piscotty, Ronald
Efunbajo Grace Utilization of Written Asthma Action Plan in a Pediatric Primary Care Setting Hoffman, Ann
Erondu Ozioma Implementing an Evidence-Based Tobacco Cessation Protocol in an Adult Behavioral Health Unit Fornili, Katherine
Fitzpatrick Suzanna Integration of TeamSTEPPS Framework and Escape Room to Improve Teamwork and Collaboration Jones-Parker, Hazel
Fitzpatrick Heather An Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Screening Tool to Identify at Risk Patients Scheu, Karen
Fortune Shanna Implementation of a Handoff Report Tool Among Trauma Intermediate Care Nurses Bundy, Elaine
Gaa Christyn Implementing Delirium Screening in an Intermediate Care Unit Akintade, Bimbola
Gaines Susanne Implementing Necesidades Paliativas and Chronic Liver Disease Tools within the Transplant Unit Satyshur, Rosemarie
Garriques Jaspreet Use of the Short Confusion Assessment Method to Prevent Falls Cook, Linda
Gilmore Lara Enhanced Recovery after Cesarean Delivery Clinical Practice Guideline: Intraoperative Management Amos, Veronica
Goode Julie Treating Chronic Pain: Therapeutic Music in Palliative Care Rowe, Gina
Graham Stacey Implementing Patient Triage Communication, Improving Nurse-Provider Communication and Promoting Safety Satyshur, Rosemarie
Grass Nicole Postdischarge Nausea and Vomiting Risk Assessment in Breast and Gynecological Surgical Patients Bundy, Elaine
Greely Carolyn Dental Disease in Pregnant Women: A Screening and Referral Process Scheu, Karen
Gross Sarah Screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences in Pediatric Primary Care Franquiz, Renee
Gue Krystal Protecting Their Skin: Implementing a Neonatal Skin Care Bundle Felauer, Ann
Gyer Ashley Implementation of the Patient Activation Measure for Mental Health for Pediatric Parents Rawlett, Kristen
Hamilton Hannah Simulation to Improve Confidence among Newly Licensed Nurses in Pediatric Intensive Care Franquiz, Renee
Haney Jillian A Team Approach to Improve Wound Care Quality in Long-Term Care Clark, Karen
Heng Christina Using a Clinical Indicators Checklist to Determine Family Meeting Needs Alessandrini, Erica
Hodge Rachel Increasing Humanpapilloma Virus Vaccination Rates Among Adolescents in Primary Care Hoffman, Ann
Hoffmann Lisa Implementing Exercise and Healthy Nutrition Groups in an Inpatient Behavioral Health Setting Fornili, Katherine
Howell Krystal Detecting Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea in the Primary Care Setting Felauer, Ann
Hyde Ashton Reducing Hemodynamic Variations from Oxytocin Administration during Cesarean Sections: Clinical Practice Guideline Pellegrini, Joseph
Jimenez Faith Lois Implementation of Routine Point-of-Care Blood Lead Testing in Pregnant Women Bode, Claire
Johnson Kabrina Substance Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment in Rural Primary Care Fornili, Katherine
Johnson Heather Implementation of a Standardized Discharge Bundle: An Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Initiative Gourley, Bridgitte
(Davis) Jones Lanaya Implementation of an Oral Care Protocol to Prevent Hospital Acquired Pneumonia Rowe, Gina
Kang Erin Emergency Room Buprenorphine/Naloxone Initiation for Opioid Use Disorder Scrandis, Debra
Kang Kathleen STOP-BANG Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Adult Pre-operative Patients Gourley, Bridgette
Kennedy Jules Screening, Brief Intervention and Treatment in a Latina Immigrant Prenatal Clinic Hoffman, Ann
Klein Sarah Herbal Medications and Anesthesia Implications: A Clinical Practice Guideline Gutchell, Veronica
Kontogeorgos Christina Fall Prevention Tailored Approach to Decrease Patient Falls Cook, Linda
Labe Christopher Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment in an Emergency Room Rawlett, Kristen
Lam Xuan Hanh Optimization of Oxytocin Dosing during the Intraoperative Period: Rule of Three's Pellegrini, Joseph
Li Ming Post-operative Visual Loss Clinical Practice Guideline in the Preoperative Arena Gutchell, Veronica
Louis Kesiah Intraoperative and Postoperative Anesthesia Management of Postoperative Visual Loss in Robotic Surgeries Gutchell, Veronica
Malenfant Micah Medical Clearance Algorithm for Adult Behavioral Health Patients in the Emergency Department Fornili, Katherine
Mangana William Implementing Behavioral Screening Protocols to Reduce Violence in the Emergency Department Bundy, Elaine
Marchione Natalie Improving Nurse-Nurse Communication to Reduce Patient Bounce-Back Gourley, Bridgette
Meginnis Kelly Appropriate Operating Room Antibiotic Re-dosing for General Surgery Patients Piscotty, Ronald
Mesfin Daniel Targeted Multiple Intervention and Tailoring Interventions for Patient Safety Fall Prevention Rowe, Gina
Mitchell Robert Reducing Inappropriate Selection of Penicillin Alternatives in Outpatient Surgery Patients Piscotty, Ronald
Moon Jennifer Implementation of the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale Screener in Detention Setting Clark, Karen
Morrison Laura Improving Self-Efficacy in Heart Failure Patients Through Motivational Interviewing Cook, Linda
Nanji Sasha Implementing Patient Acuity Scoring to Improve Call Light Responsiveness and Decrease Falls Satyshur, Rosemarie
Naureen Misbah A Standardized Discharge Protocol for Heart Failure Patients to Reduce Hospital Readmissions Rowe, Gina
Neser Sarah Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths, and Injuries: Fall Prevention for Community-Dwelling Older Adults Rowe, Gina
Newton Nakeia Implementation of a Violence Checklist to Reduce Seclusion/Restraint on Inpatient Psychiatry Bode, Claire
Njapau-Dove Myra Implementing an Evidence-based Policy Toolkit Supporting Prescriptive Authority for Maryland Nurse Anesthetists Amos, Veronica
Nwankwo Chioma Intraoperative Anesthesia Care of Patients with Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices Gutchell, Veronica
Ogorodova Evgenia Decreasing Fetal Mortality: Promoting Fetal Movement Awareness and Decreased Fetal Movement Management Bode, Claire
Ogunseye Oluwakemi Implementing TeamSTEPPS Tool to Improve Staff Communication at an Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital. Rawlett, Kristen
OKeefe Suzanne Implementation of a Functional Capacity Assessment in Adult Patients with Heart Failure Bundy, Elaine
Otter Mariel Improving Primary Care Engagement of Clients in an Outpatient Behavioral Health Center Fornili, Katherine
Pace Charlette Secured Messaging in Patient Portal: Improving Effeciencies in Patient-Provider Communication Hoffman, Ann
Pacheco Aileen Improving Medication Adherence Among Diabetes Patients Utilizing Mobile App and Pamphlet Jones-Parker, Hazel
Patel Angel Enhanced Recovery After Cesarean Delivery Clinical Practice Guideline: Preoperative Interventions Amos, Veronica
Pierre-Jacques Jemima Implementing Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Screening at an Adult Substance Use Disorder Clinic Rawlett, Kristen
Popoola Mariyam Evidence-Based Policy Toolkit Supporting Full Practice Authority for Veterans Affairs Nurse Anesthetists Amos, Veronica
Proctor Theresa Cranial Electrical Stimulation in an Outpatient Pain Management Clinic Rowe, Gina
Rae Amanda A Clinical Practice Guideline for Postoperative Cognitive Impairment: Preoperative Screening Pellegrini, Joseph
Rayford DeVontee Perioperative Anesthetic Antiobesity Medication Management: Clinical Practice Guideline Gutchell, Veronica
Regan Claire Implementation of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy in Long Term Care Yarbrough, Karen
Rimal Jyoti Violence Risk Assessment Tool: Dynamic Appraisal of Situation Aggression Inpatient Version Gourley, Bridgette
Russo Joseph Implementation of a Child Abuse Screening Program in a Pediatric Emergency Department Franquiz, Renee
Sanchez Miguel Postoperative Cesarean Section Outcomes Following Standardized Oxytocin Dosing: Rule of Three's Pellegrini, Joseph
Schafer Chelsea Implementation of a Standardized Screening Tool and Referral Process for Sports Physicals Scheu, Karen
Shittu Alyson Implementation of a Pneumococcal Immunization Standing Order Protocol in Long-Term Care Alessandrini, Erica
Skaanland Aleta Increasing Nurse Participation During Interdisciplinary Rounds Akintade, Bimbola
Smith Ciara Improving Teamwork and Communication for Child Psychiatric Staff Rowe, Gina
Solaiman Anjana Implementation of Dextrose Gel for Asymptomatic Hypoglycemia in Newborns Wise, Barbara
Solomon-Adenola Oluwanife Perioperative Anesthesia Management of Surgical Patients with Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices Gutchell, Veronica
Stankiewicz Morgan Universal Suicide Screening in a Pediatric Gastroenterology Outpatient Clinic Wise, Barbara
Stanley Lisa The Effect of Pre-Procedural Video Education on Patients Undergoing Cardiac Catheterization Akintade, Bimbola
Struder June Implementing a Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine Screening Tool for Adults with Diabetes Jones-Parker, Hazel
Taylor Natalie A Clinical Practice Guideline for Postoperative Cognitive Impairment: Anesthetic Interventions Pellegrini, Joseph
Thomas Caitlin Implementation of Restorative Sleep to Combat Workforce Fatigue during Night Shift Franquiz, Renee
Thomas Jacob Nomy Mindfulness-Based Meditation and Stress Reduction in Healthy Adults Scheu, Karen
Trandel-Korenchuk Sarah Aromatherapy Blend for Postoperative Nausea in Ambulatory Surgery Patients Bode, Claire
Troiani Nicole Palliative Care Screening Implementation within the Medical Intensive Care Unit Satyshur, Rosemarie
Ulloa Aline Quality Improvement Project: Screening Assessment Tool to Improve Early Sepsis Identification Clark, Karen
Wale-Aremu Olawale Combatting Alarm in An Acute Care Unit Hoffman, Ann
Wali Alexandra Enhanced Recovery After Surgery for Cesarean Delivery Clinical Practice Guideline: Postoperative Interventions Amos, Veronica
Westbrook Lauren Implementation of an Algorithm for Goal-Directed Hemostatic Resuscitation in Trauma Akintade, Bimbola
Williams Keiara Bathtime Shenanigans: Implementing Evidence-Based Bathing Practices Felauer, Ann
Wiseman Tamara Let's Talk: Post Critical Incident Debriefing Project Wise, Barbara