University of Maryland School of Nursing - UMSON Strategic Plan - 2017-2021

1 | Vibrant Learning Environment

Foster and grow a vibrant learning environment where students succeed.

  • Create and maintain a supportive culture of knowledge, resources, and outstanding staff and faculty.
  • Define student success at UMSON and create measurable goals to achieve it.
  • Expand student success initiatives with access for all students.
  • Promote positive faculty/student interactions to increase engagement and success.
  • Use best practices in information technology to optimize strategies for online and classroom instruction.

2 | Respect and Inclusiveness

Foster, model, and promote respect and inclusiveness for students, staff, faculty, and those who interact with the School of Nursing.

  • Commit to civil behavior through respectful communication, civility, and leading by example.
  • Define civility to include behaviors of respect, inclusiveness, and interactions that are professional, ethical and courteous.
  • Focus faculty and staff development on diversity and inclusion training.

3 | Decision-Making Through Data

Transform the School’s decision-making through development and utilization of data analytics across the tripartite missions.

  • Ensure that the School of Nursing has data analytic experts who can design systems, train staff, and produce meaningful reports.
  • Conduct gap analyses of current processes, identify decision priorities, and determine appropriate measures.
  • Develop technical and functional software specifications in order to evaluate and invest in software products that centralize, collect, analyze data, and provide business decision analysis.
  • Design businesses processes that allow the ability to capture, report, and use data in decision-making.

4 | High-Impact Research and Scholarship

Conduct high-impact research and scholarship to improve health outcomes.

  • Establish plans to retain extramurally funded researchers and scholars to sustain and grow the School’s grant portfolio and promote pre- and post-doctoral scholarship.
  • Recruit faculty with proven success in research and scholarship.
  • Foster the success of researchers and scholars through mentorship, infrastructure, and support.

5 | Excellence and Diversity

Create a vibrant workforce recruitment and development plan that supports the excellence and diversity of the School of Nursing.

  • Identify opportunities for faculty and staff knowledge enhancement.
  • Ensure position descriptions reflect job responsibilities.
  • Develop a recruitment strategy that anticipates current and future needs.
  • Identify and develop new areas of workforce expertise that are needed to support the School.
  • Develop resources to attract and retain a diverse faculty and staff.


We shape the profession of nursing and the health care environment by developing leaders in education, research, and practice.


We develop pre-eminent leaders in nursing education, research, and practice. As a catalyst for creativity and collaboration, we engage diverse groups of professionals, organizations, and communities in addressing local, national, and global health priorities. Together, faculty, staff, and students create a rich and vibrant working and learning environment where knowledge is created and shared. A passion for discovery permeates the educational process and advances the use of evidence as the basis for nursing practice. Accordingly, we are recognized for our scientific knowledge, critical thinking, interprofessional teamwork, and profound commitment to the health of individuals and communities.


We embrace a culture that embodies the University’s core values:

  • Respect and Integrity
  • Well-Being and Sustainability
  • Equity and Justice
  • Innovation and Discovery.

Our Strategic Plan builds on the foundation of the University of Maryland, Baltimore 2017-2021 Strategic Plan, but is designed to address the unique circumstances, challenges, and opportunities facing the School of Nursing.