BSN and CNL Absence Policy

Absence Policy

Attendance and engagement in scheduled course supported learning exercises is a student responsibility critical to successful course completion. Course supported learning exercises are defined as any activity included as part of the curriculum content and include, but are not limited to, labs, clinical rotations, lectures, Blackboard sessions, simulations, practica. Students are responsible for all curriculum content. Students who are absent from course supported learning exercises compromise their ability to master course content, attain the necessary skills to meet course objectives, and ultimately pass the course. Providing makeup for missed course exercises is at the discretion of UMSON and is not guaranteed.

In the event of an absence from a course supported learning exercise due to extenuating circumstance, students must contact the faculty member (either didactic, laboratory, simulation, or clinical instructor) in advance or as soon as possible. If an absence is for a religious observance, students should complete the Religious Observance Request Form for each course at the beginning of the semester. The web-enabled form is located in the Course Information section on Blackboard. If the absence is the result of a student’s own inpatient hospitalization, a written medical clearance from the applicable health care professional must be submitted before the student resumes participation in any course supported learning exercise, including attending lecture. The written medical clearance is submitted to the associate dean for the student’s program of study and must identify any restrictions on the student’s continued participation in an academic activity. The associate dean notifies the course directors of student’s ability to continue and restrictions, if any.

BSN and CNL Clinical Absence Policy:

Students absent from clinical, laboratory, and/or simulation for any reason will be required to make up learning hours and associated learning experiences for a maximum of two total absences (e.g., one lab absence and one clinical absence in the course means two absences).

  1. No makeups will be offered beyond two absences. The School will offer makeup for a maximum of two absences if possible. Makeup learning activities are determined and scheduled by faculty. Alternate experiences for the purposes of makeup are at the discretion of UMSON and are not negotiable. More than two absences will result in a clinical failure.
  2. A student who does not call or does not attend any scheduled clinical, laboratory, or simulation activity will receive an “Unsatisfactory” for that day and/or learning activity regardless of the number of hours.

Students who do not complete regularly scheduled or makeup learning activities may receive a grade of (I) incomplete, subject to incomplete policies in the Student Handbook or may fail the clinical portion of the course and therefore fail the course