Shijun Zhu, DrE, MS

‌Associate Professor, OSAH
Associate Professor/Statistician, RES
Address: 402H
Phone Number: 410-706-2953


  • DrE, Industrial Eng., focusing on applied statistics
  • MS, Statistics


  • Co-I, 2016-2021, R01 "Implementation of EIT-4-BPSD in Nursing Homes," NIH, $2,550,000, MPI (Resnick, Kolanowski & VanHaitsma)
  • Co-I, 2016-2018, R21 “Exercise Effect on Chemotherapy-Induced Neuropathic Pain, Peripheral Nerve Fibers,” NIH, $492,000, PI (Ryan & Griffith)
  • Co-I, 2016-2021, R01 “Dissemination and Implementation of Function Focused Care for Assisted Living,” NIH, $1,650,000, PI (Resnick)
  • Faculty Statistician, 2016-2021, P30 “Omics Associated with Self-management Interventions for Symptoms (OASIS) Center,” NIH, $2,700,000, MPI (Dorsey, Renn & Resnick)
  • Biostatistician, 2016-2019, R15 “Modeling Post-Menopausal Chemotherapy-associated Weight Gain,” NIH, $1,380,000, PI (Lessans)
  • Biostatistician, 2016-2018, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, “Circadian Rhythms, Fatigue and Bright Light Therapy in Adolescent Cancer Survivors,” PI (Rogers)
  • Co-I, 2016-2018, R21 “A Theory-Based Patient Portal eLearning Program for Older Adults with Chronic Illnesses,” ARHQ, $299,960, PI (Nahm)
  • Biostatistician, 2015-2020, R01 “Mechanisms Underlying Comorbid Pain Conditions in a Clinically Relevant Model,” NIH, $2,854,000, MPI (Traub & Dorsey)
  • Biostatistician, 2013-2018, R01 “Function and Behavior Focused Care for Nursing Home Residents with Dementia,” NIH, $1,570,000, PI (Galik)
  • Biostatistician, 2012-2017, P30 “Center for the Genomics of Pain,” NIH, $2,400,000, MPI (Dorsey, Faden & Greenspan)
  • Statistical Consultant, 2014-2015, F31 “Neurophysiological, Psychological, and Genetic Correlates of Vulvodynia,” $92,000, PI (Dernetz)
  • Statistical Consultant, 2014-2016, F31 “Efficacy of Acute Pain Management on Chronic Pain following Lower Extremity Trauma,” $125,000, PI (Griffioen)
  • Biostatistician, 2014-2016, American Lung Association “Biomarkers of Airway Inflammation and Asthma Control in Children with Comorbid Sleep-Disordered Breathing,” PI (Rogers)
  • Statistical Consultant, 2013-2016, F32 “Genetic, Clinical, and Biological Correlates of EGFR Inhibitor-related Rash,” $160,000, PI (Wickersham)
  • Biostatistician, 2013-2016, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation “Organizational cultural competency and the impact on patient outcomes”, $350,000, PI (Ogbolu)
  • Biostatistician, 2013-2015, R21 “Pilot Testing Function Focused Care for Acute Care,” NIH, $360,000, PI (Resnick)
  • Biostatistician, 2012-2015, R21 “Preparing Families for the Dying Process,” NIH, $412,000, PI (Wiegand)
  • Biostatistician, 2012-2014, R21 “Withdrawal of Life-Sustaining Therapy after a Life-Threatening Exacerbation of a Chronic Illness,” PI (Wiegand)
  • Statistician, 2011-2014, R01 “Dissemination of a Theory-Based Bone Health Program in Online Communities,” NIH, $1,780,000, PI (Nahm)
  • Statistician, 2011-2014, R21 “Pilot of comprehensive intervention to improve alertness in nurses,” NIH, $337,100, PI (Geiger-Brown)
  • Biostatistician, 2011-2013, R01 “Imaging Research on Impulsivity, Stress and Drug Abuse”, NIH/NIDA, Total cost $3,014,585, PI (Oswald)
  • Biostatistician, 2011-2012, R15 “Withdrawal of Life-Sustaining Therapy after a Life-Threatening Exacerbation of a Chronic Illness,” PI (Wiegand)

Selected Recent Publications

  1. Griffith1 K.A., Zhu S., Johantgen M., Dorsey S.G., et al. 2017, Oxaliplatin-induced peripheral neuropathy and identification of unique severity groups, J Pain and Symptom Management, doi: 10.1016/j.jpainsymman.2017.07.033. in press
  2. Sagherian K., Unick G.J., Zhu S., Geiger-Brown J., 2017, Acute fatigue predicts sickness absence in the workplace: a 1-year retrospective cohort study in pediatric nurses, Journal of Advanced Nursing, doi: 10.1111/jan.13357. in press
  3. Hado Byon H., Zhu S., Unick G.J., Storr C., Lipscomb J., 2017, Potential risks associated with patient violence on direct care workers in the home setting: Findings from a national sample, Journal of Violence and Victims. doi: 10.1891/0886-6708.VV-D-16-00021, in press
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Primary Teaching Areas

Multivariable Modeling; Longitudinal Design and Analysis

Academic & Professional Activities

  • 2016-, Editorial Board member of Geriatric Nursing
  • 2017-, Statistical Reviewer of Journal of Advanced Nursing
  • Ad hoc reviewer, American Journal of Public Health, Addiction, Nursing Outlook, Geriatric Nursing, SM Journal of Nursing, International Journal of Women’s Health, Sage Open, International journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Journal of Advanced Nursing
  • Member, American Statistical Association

Grant reviewer:

  • 2011-2012: Member, Review Committee, Tobacco Smoking Grants to Florida Health Department, Solix Grant Management Solutions
  • 2010: Member, Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) Program