Administrative Services

The Office of Administrative Services manages, plans, and coordinates the administrative operations for the University of Maryland School of Nursing (UMSON). Administrative Services is responsible for budget and finance, facilities and capital project management, human resource services, network and computer services, and training grants.

Budget and Finance and Human Resources are located in the north wing, suite 502. Facilities Management and Network and Computer Services are located in the north wing of the second floor. The office has extended hours from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Budget and Finance

Budget and Finance consists of financial information systems, payroll, procurement, State budget, grants and contracts budgets, professional services agreements for clinical practices, training grants, UMSON endowment and foundation accounts, and all Deans' Office funds.

Contract and Grants Management

Contracts and Grants Management provides support for investigators in both pre-award grant preparation and post-award grant management. Contract and Grants Management is located in Suite 502.

Facilities and Capital Projects

Facilities and Capital Projects responsibilities are comprised of managing UMSON's operations/facilities, capital construction projects, space inventory, property management, voice communications, security, and environmental health and safety.

Human Resources

Human Resources coordinate recruitment of faculty and staff, compensation and job development, training, affirmative action and diversity issues, employee-relation guidance and advice on human resource policies and procedures to faculty and administrators, and fringe benefits for UMSON faculty and staff.

Network and Computer Services 

Network and Computer Services (NACS) operates and maintains the data network for UMSON and provides or arranges for support for many of its computer resources. The Help Desk supports UMSON faculty and staff. The first line of support for students is the instructor for the given course. We provide support for:

  1. Email
  2. Internet connectivity
  3. Access to file and print services
  4. Backup services for files stored on our network servers
  5. Desktop computer hardware/software installation and functional support
  6. NACS staff can also assist in identifying available buying contracts for hardware and software

 Additional Information

Additional services available through this department to UMSON's faculty and staff are: parking, notary services, ID badges, tuition remission applications, keys, phone requests, all procurement processes, W4 changes or updates, daily mail delivery, as well as moving furniture and hanging pictures.

Administrative Services also provides services to our UMSON students by selling lockers and course packets each semester.