Diversity and Inclusion

a circle of hands with diversity and inclusion wristbands

A diverse group of UMSON students serve as Student Ambassadors.

UMSON's Student Ambassadors take part in workshops and community service, mentor incoming students, and represent the student body at events. 

Our History

Our Pioneers of Diversity paved the way for diversity at UMSON.


  • 44 percent of UMSON students are minorities
  • 12 percent are men

All are welcome at UMSON.

Diversity is a source of strength and innovation for the University of Maryland School of Nursing. We’re committed to preparing future nurses to provide culturally competent care, and we aim to help create a health care workforce that reflects the rich diversity of the United States.

We were the first school on the University of Maryland, Baltimore campus to devote a full-time, associate dean position to diversity and inclusion. With a goal of weaving inclusive excellence throughout the UMSON fabric, we are committed to enhancing the School of Nursing experience for all community members and to promoting an environment and culture in which we can all learn and work collaboratively.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is the UMSON hub for:

  • service and community outreach
  • collaborative and innovative thinking about diversity and inclusion
  • process improvement
  • inclusive excellence among students, faculty, and staff.

We offer you:

  • individual and departmental support and assistance with relationship and community building
  • professional development programs and initiatives
  • a space for integrative and innovative thinking and a resource center for diversity and inclusion
  • opportunities for collaborative engagement in education research, writing, and presenting
  • advocacy in ensuring fairness in policies and practices at all levels
  • an ally in minimizing micro-injustices and pursuing organizational trust.
... in order to truly optimize our impact we have to effectively work and learn alongside people who are different from us — which creates a rich mosaic of people. Jane M. Kirschling, PhD, RN, FAAN, Dean and Professor

Our Programs

For Students and Employees

UMSON Diversity Committee
focuses on diversity and inclusion from all angles, including messaging, programs, activities, awareness, and education

Diversified Thinkers Book Club
offers a platform for dialogue, awareness, and collaborative thinking through review of a variety of diverse reading materials

UMSON Community Narrative Center
collects unique stories and creates, develops, and assesses an inventory of different abilities among UMSON faculty, staff, and students, finding ways to bring them together and to leverage their uniqueness for the School’s benefit

work groups focusing on:

  • LGBTQIA issues, activities, and activism
  • collaborative efforts to grow our capacity in education, learning, and diversity and inclusion competencies
  • sustainability
  • strategic planning
  • identifying and honoring UMSON community members who inspire others and exemplify the UMB core values

For Employees

an employee resource group that engages in mental, physical, and spiritual fitness

an employee resource group that promotes spirited activities, camaraderie, and morale boosting during the work day and after hours


Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

  • second floor
  • fourth floor

Lactation Centers

Who We Are

Jeffrey Ash headshot

Jeffrey Ash, EdD
Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
Address: 505L
Phone: 410-706-5841

As we undertake an urgent dialogue ... about dramatically increasing the number of nurses we add to our health care workforce, I’m encouraged that we’re equally focused on the kind of workforce we want to develop: one that is highly educated, one that is empowered to improve patient care, one that is equipped to lead high performing health care teams and, yes, one that is diverse. Jay A. Perman, MD, President, University of Maryland, Baltimore