Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved as an alumni volunteer and help UMSON fulfill its mission to develop leaders in education, research, and practice.

Alumni Association Community Service Program

The Alumni Association offers rewarding volunteer opportunities for UMSON alumni at My Sister’s Place and Paul’s Place, two Baltimore community organizations. If you would like to participate, send an email to or call 410-706-0674. Click here for more information.

Alumni Association Recent Graduate Committee

The Recent Graduate Committee organizes opportunities to engage recent graduates with UMSON through volunteer programs, events, and professional development activities. If you would like to join the committee, contact Cynthia Sikorski at or 410-706-0674.

Alumni Speaker Series & Alumni/Student Networking Program

Alumni have an opportunity to share their career path and professional expertise with current students through the Alumni Speaker Series program and the Student/Alumni Networking Event. If you would like to assist students through either of these initiatives, contact Cynthia Sikorski at or 410-706-0674.

Class Representative

Class Representatives serve as liaisons between the UMSON Alumni Office and their class, especially during a reunion. They communicate with fellow alumni, share professional news (promotions, awards, and honors), and encourage them to participate in alumni events and programs. If you would like to serve as a Class Representative, email or call 410-706-0674 and let the Alumni Office know of your interest.

Living History Museum Docent

The School of Nursing Living History Museum is supported by a dedicated team of volunteer docents, who are retired nurses and alumni of the School. The docents have tremendous wisdom and experience, and their presence is a reminder of the link between nursing’s present and past.

The museum is currently seeking additional volunteers to help in a variety of roles, including serving as docents who share the history of the School and nursing with students and visitors, as well as behind-the-scenes assistance with collections care and managements, including cataloging artificats, conducting research, and digitizing collections. If you are interested in getting more involved with the Living History Museum, please contact the museum curator, Heather Ritterpusch, 410-706-2822 or email

Open Houses for Prospective Students

The UMSON Admissions Office hosts open houses several times a year to introduce prospective nursing students to UMSON’s academic programs. If you would be interested in participating at one of these events and talking with students about your nursing school and professional experiences, contact the Office of Student Services at 410-706-0501 or

Click here to see upcoming open houses and information sessions.