How to Register

New BSN-Baltimore and CNL students will register for classes during the Student Success Immersion Program (SSIP). Contact the Student Success Center at 410-706-5426 or to sign up for an SSIP.

You must register for coursework each semester to maintain degree candidacy. All students receive information on registration dates and procedures each semester.


Check the Academic Calendar for advisement and registration dates.




Select your Courses



Go to the Student UseR Friendly System (SURFS).

Click on the interactive Class Schedule. All courses (open or closed) are listed during advisement. Only logged-in students are able to see if a section is currently open or closed. A closed section is designated by a "C" following the course registration number.
Select your courses. Scroll down to see all sections offered.
CRN: Course Registration Number, the unique identifier for each class section
01, 02, etc: a face-to-face course meeting at the Baltimore location.
SG: a face-to-face course meeting at the Universities at Shady Grove location.
WB or WO: an online course that does not meet in the classroom.
LC: a face-to-face course meeting at the Laurel Center
SM: a face-to-face or hybrid course meeting at the College of Southern Maryland


Note: Classroom assignments are not listed in SURFS. Room assignments are sent by email the week prior to the start of the term. A list is also available at the security officer’s desk, located in the UMSON lobby, the first week of the term. Shady Grove room assignments are posted on the Universities at Shady Grove website under current students titled schedule of classes.  Instructors send class room information for Laurel Center and the College of Southern Maryland. Online classes are TBA for days, times, and locations. "Partial Blackboard" is listed for all face to face courses. Class meets every week unless noted in comments.


Register Online



To register online, go to Student UseR Friendly System (SURFS).

Click Click Here to Sign on to SURFS.
Follow the login instructions.
Click Student Services and Financial Aid.
Click Registration.
Click Select Term and choose the desired semester.
Click Add/Drop Classes.
Scroll down to the Add Classes section.
Enter the CRN number(s) for your desired course(s) and section(s).
Click Submit Changes.
Look for your courses in the Current Schedule area.
You might encounter the following registration errors:

Time Conflict – You have selected classes that meet at the same time
Closed Section – Course is full and closed for registration
Class Restriction – You are not eligible to register for the course
Holds – Campus offices such as Student Health, Office of International Services, and Student Accounts Offices place holds on student’s registration. Contact the appropriate office(s) to have holds removed. Other holds include EC, missing emergency contact information, and Title IX.  To remove these holds either provide emergency contact information in SURFS or complete the required Title IX training.  
Course Prerequisites – You have not met the requirements to register for the course

Note: A late fee will apply to register for classes after the registration deadline. Students are urged to register early as classes may close and additional sections will not be added. (Newly admitted students should NOT wait for orientation to register!)  After the start of the term, students must complete an add/drop form and submit it to the Office of Records and Registration for processing to change their schedule.



Print your Schedule



Select Student Schedule by Day and Time for a quick table format.

Select Student Detail Schedule for a more detailed version.