Nursing Informatics

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Improve patient care and outcomes through the development, implementation, and evaluation of information technology. Increasing demand for the adoption of electronic information systems is creating a growing need for nursing informatics in health care organizations and businesses that develop and sell health care information technology.

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Through an agreement with the Academic Common Market, you may be eligible to pursue this degree at UMSON at an in-state tuition rate. Our faculty will help place you at a practicum site convenient to you.

As a graduate of this specialty, you will be able to:

  • analyze nursing information requirements
  • design system alternatives
  • manage information technology
  • identify and implement user-training strategies
  • evaluate the effectiveness of clinical and/or management information systems in health care.

You will also be prepared to be a leader in the conceptualization, design, and research of computer-based information systems in health care organizations and in the informatics industry.

Full-time and part-time plans are available.

If you're currently a registered nurse with an associate degree, you can save 6 credits (one full semester) when you enroll in UMSON's RN-to-MS, an accelerated path to both the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and this MS specialty.

Online Overview

  • Nursing informatics courses are offered online.
  • Our faculty are fully committed to distance learning.
  • Your advisor will communicate with you individually via telephone, email, or Skype.
  • For the required practicum, you and your practicum instructor will arrange a mutually agreeable site in your local area.

Plan of Study

Nursing Core Courses and Electives

The nursing core courses may be taken in any sequence:

Course Term Offered
NRSG 780: Health Promotion and Population Health Fall, Spring, Summer
NRSG 782: Health Systems & Health Policy: Leadership & Quality Improvement Fall, Spring, Summer
NRSG 790: Methods for Research and Evidence Based Practice

Fall, Spring, Summer

NRSG 795: Biostatistics for Evidence-based Practice Fall, Spring, Summer

Leadership Management Courses

The leadership courses may be taken in any sequence.

Course Term Offered
NURS 690: Managerial Health Finance Fall, Spring
NURS 691: Organization Theory: Application to Health Services Management Fall, Spring

Informatics Courses

In general, the informatics courses must be taken in the sequence shown. However, NURS 785 may precede or follow NURS 784 and NURS 786.

Course Term Offered
NURS 736: Technology Solutions for Generating Knowledge in Health Care Fall, Spring
NURS 786: Systems Analysis and Design Spring
NURS 784: Information Technology Project Management Fall
NURS 785: Healthcare Database Systems Spring, Summer
NURS 737: Nursing Informatics Concepts and Practice in Systems Adoption Fall
NURS 738: Practicum in Nursing Informatics Spring
NURS 770: Human-Technology Interaction in Healthcare Spring, Summer

Some courses have co-requisites or prerequisites:

NURS 737 prerequisites: NURS 736, NURS 786, NRSG 790, NRSG 795

NURS 738 prerequisites: NURS 737, NURS 785, NURS 690, NRSG 780, NRSG 782

NURS 738 pre- or co-requisites: NURS 691, NURS 784

NURS 770 pre- or co-requisite: NURS 790

Sample Plans of Study

Tuition: Academic Common Market

The nursing informatics MS specialty participates in the Academic Common Market, meaning that students who reside in member states of the Southern Regional Education Board may request to pay in-state tuition if there is no nursing informatics program offered in a public university in their home state.


Eun-Shim Nahm, PhD, RN, FAAN, professor and program director, conducts research in geroinformatics, developing and evaluating technology-based interventions for the management of the health of aging adults and their caregivers. She has conducted various studies in this field, including qualitative, measurement, theory testing, and usability studies, as well as developing and implementing online interventions using various Web components. Dr. Nahm is a recipient of multiple grant awards from the National Institutes of Health. She is currently a principal investigator for an R21 study, “A Theory-Based Patient Portal eLearning Program  for Older Adults with Chronic Illnesses” (07/2016–06/2018), funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research. She has published more than 65 peer-reviewed journal articles and four book chapters in the field. Dr. Nahm teaches graduate-level nursing informatics courses and doctoral-level research courses. She has mentored numerous graduate and doctoral students, as well as junior faculty members.
Arpad Kelemen, PhD, associate professor has expertise in biomedical informatics; EHR and healthcare database development, optimization, and evaluation; healthcare software and game development; human-computer interaction; intelligent patient care technologies with artificial intelligence; and data mining of large healthcare data. Dr. Kelemen has published over 50 peer reviewed papers and two books titled "Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics" and "Computational Intelligence in Medical Informatics". He was PI on a HRSA grant, "Nursing informatics program focused on diversity and the underserved". In addition, he has received funding from NSF, NIH, NYSTAR, and the US NAVY. He developed a large-scale intelligent software agent for human-like decision making for the job assignment and job satisfaction. He develops models, algorithms, and intelligent systems for large-scale biomedical data, including healthcare, genomic, and clinical data. He currently leads development of educational and patient-centered online healthcare games.
Charlotte Seckman Charlotte Seckman, PhD, RN-BC, CNE, FAAN associate professor, is a board certified informatics nurse with a research background focused on translating evidence into health care practices; evaluating the usability of the electronic medical record to include system implementation, training, and user satisfaction; exploring nursing informatics competencies; and developing community and cognitive engagement techniques related to Web-based learning modalities. Dr. Seckman has published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and five book chapters related to the Electronic Health Record and Telehealth. Funded work in innovative technologies in conjunction with the National Institutes of Health and the National Library of Medicine includes the design, implementation and evaluation of a personalized decision support system to support and enhance patient care. Dr. Seckman has taught nursing informatics in undergraduate and graduate levels for over 17 years and mentored many masters and doctoral students during her career.
Ernest Opoku-Agyemang headshot Ernest Opoku-Agyemang, MA, MS, RN, is a clinical instructor with expertise in supporting and implementing information systems in healthcare, finance, e-business and e-commerce. Mr. Opoku had served as a Senior Systems Test Engineer on the Community Health Automated Medicaid Processing System (CHAMPS) Medicare Management Information System for the State of Michigan. Prior to that, he worked in the financial industry as a consultant on the Order Audit Trail System (OATS) for the NASDAQ stock market. Mr. Opoku is the recipient of the prestigious British Drummond Wolff award for his MA degree at University of Hull (UK). Ernest is a recipient of the MHEC Nursing Educator Doctoral Grants for Practice and Dissertation Research (NEDG) and the New Nursing Faculty Scholarship. Areas of interest include electronic health records and barcoded computerized medication administration. He is currently a PhD candidate in the UMSON with a research focus on using mobile applications in managing chronic diseases.
Ronald J. Piscotty, Jr., PhD, RN-BC assistant professor, completed his Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Wayne State University in Detroit, his MS in Nursing Business and Health Systems and his PhD in Nursing at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. His research interest centers around the impact that healthcare information technologies have on nursing practice and quality and safety in hospital settings. Dr. Piscotty is specifically interested in examining the impact that electronic patient care reminders have on patient care omissions in acute care settings. He has 21 peer reviewed publications and one book chapter in press, and has over 30 peer reviewed presentations. Dr. Piscotty has received both internal and external funding for his research. He has taught nursing courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. Dr. Piscotty is board certified in nursing informatics from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. He is a member of several prominent nursing organizations including, Midwest Nursing Research Society, American Medical Informatics Association, and Sigma Theta Tau.


Information packets

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Nursing Informatics-Related Events/Webinars

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Further Your Education

Additionally, UMSON’s post-graduate Nursing Informatics Certificate is for nurses with a master’s degree in another specialty area or field who are looking to gain essential knowledge and skills in nursing and health care informatics.

UMSON is also home of the annual Summer Institute in Nursing Informatics Conference.

This program is not eligible for F-1 or J-1 student visa sponsorship by the University of Maryland, Baltimore, due to the amount of online courses.

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