Nursing and Business Administration (MS/MBA)

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Business (MS/MBA) Option

Learn to analyze, plan, implement, and evaluate innovative and creative responses to health care marketplace needs.

The MS/MBA option prepares administrators with a unique blend of advanced nursing and business management expertise.

Graduates are awarded:

The program will prepare you for senior management level decision-making on financial, strategic planning, resource management, and governance issues.

The MS/MBA program:

  • involves 66-72 credits of required coursework
  • can be completed in two years of rigorous full-time, year-round study
  • can be completed part time over a maximum of seven years.

More Information

University of Baltimore
Contact: Justin Daniel
Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs and Career Services

University of Maryland, College Park
Contact: Tia M. Tanksley
Assistant Director of Admissions, Full-time MBA

Sample Plan of Study

MS/MBA in conjunction with the University of Maryland, College Park
MS/MBA in conjunction with the University of Baltimore

First Semester
Course Title Credits
NRSG 780 Health Promotion and Population Health 3
NRSG 782 Health Systems & Health Policy: Leadership & Quality Improvement 3
NRSG 790 Methods for Research and Evidence Based Practice 3
NRSG 795 Biostatistics for Evidence-based Practice 3
  Total 12
Second Semester
Course Title Credits
NURS 691 Organizational Theories: Applications to Health Service Management 3
NURS 692 Administration of Nursing and Health Care Services 3
NURS 736 Technology Solutions for Generating Knowledge in Health Care 3
NURS XXX Elective 3
  Total 12
Third Semester
Course Title Credits
NURS XXX Elective 3
XXXX Business Course (taken at selected School of Business)* 3
XXXX Business Course (taken at selected School of Business)* 3
  Total 9
Fourth Semester 
Course Title Credits
NURS 695 Practicum in Health Services, Leadership, and Management 5
  Total 5
Credits from MS portion of the dual program 32
Credits from MBA portion of the program** 36
Total Credits 68

*Shared credits between UMSON and School of Business
**Following completion of MS, students will continue with completion of MBA program to complete the dual degree.


Lyn Stankiewicz Murphy, PhD, MBA, RN, specialty director and associate professor

Linda Costa, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, assistant professor
Linda Diaconis, PhD, assistant professor
Linda J. Hickman, PhD, MBA, RN, FACHE, assistant professor
Nancy B. Lerner, DNP, RN, CDONA, assistant professor
Mary Etta Mills, ScD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN, professor