Research and Scholarly Interests

Research and Scholarly Interests
Faculty Member(s) Research and Scholarly Interests Organized Research Center

Akintade, Bimbola, PhD, MBA, MHA, ACNP-BC, CCRN

Psychosocial and physiological predictors of cardiovascular health, psychosocial and physiological predictors of quality of life in patients with atrial fibrillation/flutter, depression and heart failure patients


Bingham, Debra, DrPH, RN, FAAN

Quality and safety in health care, implementation or translation of research into practice, quality improvement, maternal morbidity and mortality, women’s health, perinatal quality improvement, quality measurement, and collaboration

Brotemarkle, Rebecca, PhD, MSN, MBA, RN, CCM, ACRN

HIV infection in older adults, pain and symptom management in HIV patients and older adults, palliative care, mobility in hospitalized older adults, effects of exercise in HIV patients and older adults, adherence to medications and care


Chuang, Pei-Ying, PhD, MSN, RN

The mechanisms of molecular neuroprotective biomarkers associated with acute brain injury, especially cerebral ischemia (traumatic brain injury and stroke) in translational science (bench evidence and bedside practice).  This groundwork for the proposed research includes the neuro-functional and psychosocial behaviors relevant to the cerebral ischemia, and by establishing strong ties with short-term critical/acute care to long-term neurological recovery.


Colloca, Luana, MD, PhD

Pain modulatory systems; neurophysiological mechanisms of placebo and nocebo effects; brain and learning mechanisms; expectations and computational models; genetic approaches to chronic pain; sex, race, and age influences on pain modulation; ethical and translational aspects of placebo and nocebo effects


Costa, Linda, PhD, RN, NEA-BC

Care transitions in adults with chronic diseases, medication reconciliation


Doran, Kelly, PhD, RN

Worksite health promotion with healthcare workers; behavioral interventions to reduce cardiovascular disease risk factors; use of peer recovery advocates to engage individuals with substance abuse disorders in harm reduction and/or treatment; and motivation for engagement in health promotion and healthcare services of homeless and/or low income. 


Dorsey, Susan, PhD, RN, FAAN

Translational research aimed at elucidating the molecular, cellular and genetic mechanisms underlying chronic pain to identify new therapeutic targets


Fountain, Lily, PhD, RN, CNM

Critical thinking and clinical reasoning; maternal-newborn health outcomes; nursing education, evaluation, and testing; midwifery care outcomes; breastfeeding interventions and outcomes

Friedmann, Erika, PhD

Integration of biological social and psychological factors into health and health related behaviors; stress and alleviation of stress; animal companions/pets and human health; Rrsearch methods and multivariate approaches to analyses of health-related data


Galik, Elizabeth, PhD, CRNP, FAAN, FAANP

Care of older adults with dementia, specifically optimizing function and physical activity and utilizing non-pharmacological approaches to managing behavioral symptoms


Haymore, Joseph

Delirium in the Neurocritical Care ICU/IMC/Floor acute setting; Therapeutic Temperature Management (TTM) for maintenance of normothermia and induction of hypothermia; Multi-modality cerebral monitoring in coma, Implementation Science

Jenkins, Louise S., PhD, RN. FAHA, ANEF

Nursing faculty shortage, faculty development, assessment of learning outcomes, measurement, quality of life in cardiac patients


Johantgen, Meg, PhD, RN

Health services research methods, influence of long term care regulation on outcomes, implementation of heart failure best practices in acute care, health outcomes metrics


Kauffman, Karen S., PhD, CRNP, RN, FAAN

Patient-centered outcomes research; urban ethnography; qualitative methodology; Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias


Kelemen, Arpad, PhD

Biomedical informatics; health care database development, optimization, and evaluation; health care software and game development; game theory; human-computer interaction; intelligent patient care technologies; artificial intelligence; data mining


Kelleher, Catherine, ScD, MPH, MS, RN

Use of mindfulness-based interventions, particularly mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and mindful self-compassion (MSC) for nursing and other health professions students, nurses and  others in the health care workforce and patients; and policy oriented health services research

Klinedinst, N. Jennifer, PhD, MPH, RN

Behavioral interventions for reducing depressive symptoms in older adults; genetic influence on post-stroke depressive symptoms and behaviors that can reduce depressive symptoms; genetic and cellular mechanisms for post-stroke fatigue and depressive symptoms


Lee, Clark

Sleep and health safety; law and public policy as public health interventions; public health emergency preparedness, response, and management.


Lee, Mei Ching, PhD, MS, RN

Palliative and end-of -life care, minority population, culturally competent care, and interprofessional education


Lessans, Sherrie, PhD, RN

Treatment-induced pain and associated symptom management, biological mechanisms underlying treatment-induced neuropathic pain, depression and chronic pain, weight gain, cognitive functioning in chemotherapy-induced neuropathy


Liang, Yulan, PhD

Biostatistics, statistical genomics, bioinformatics; methodological research in biomedical, public health and healthcare data; risk assessments and predictions for common complex diseases and health conditions; data mining and machine learning for high dimensional big data; longitudinal mixed model, multi-level/hierarchical model, causal inference, Bayesian approaches


McElroy, Katie, PhD, RN

Maternal/newborn outcomes; health disparities in maternal/child health; environmental exposures during pregnancy; vaginal microbiota in pregnancy

McLaine, Patricia, DrPH, MPH, RN

Association of lead exposure and educational outcomes, evaluating implementation of lead poisoning prevention interventions, evaluating asthma home/community interventions


Murphy, Lyn Stankiewicz, PhD, MBA, MS, RN

Healthy work environments, health economics, and case management


Nahm, Eun-Shim, PhD, RN, FAAN

Use of eHealth/mHealth interventions to promote to manage the health of adult populations; web-based research and usability testing; computer-mediated social support among older adults; hospital information systems evaluation and implementation


Njie-Carr, Veronica P.S., PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, FWACN

Socio-cultural and behavioral factors of HIV prevention intervention, women's health and HIV-related disparities, smart phone technology intervention, cross-cultural research


Ogbolu, Yolanda, PhD, CRNP-Neonatal

Health inequities in maternal child health outcomes; cultural competency; global health nursing & education, nurse migration, neonatal outcomes; and dissemination and implementation science research


Oswald, Lynn, PhD, RN

Interrelationships among neurobiological (i.e., hormonal stress responses, brain dopamine function), behavioral (i.e., risk-taking and impulsive personality traits), and environmental (i.e., stress, childhood trauma) factors that contribute to risks for substance abuse and other stress-related disorders


Phillips, Regina, PhD, RN, CNE

Service enriched housing: Does the presence of the Community Outreach Nurse make a difference?, older adults in the community and health outcomes, nursing education strategies that engage students

Piscotty, Ronald, J., PhD, RN-BC

The impact that health care information technologies have on nursing practice and quality and safety in hospital settings; the relationship between electronic nursing care reminders and missed nursing care in acute care settings; clinical system design and implementation and data analytics


Regan, Mary, PhD, RN

Translational research aimed at building understanding about the complex care process and physiologic systems that influence maternal and neonatal childbirth outcomes


Renn, Cynthia, PhD, RN

Physiological mechanisms and psychophysical characteristics of chronic pain in clinical populations and preclinical models trauma, cancer, and chemotherapy-induced pain


Resnick, Barbara, PhD, RN, CRNP, FAAN, FAANP

Care of older adults particularly with regard to motivation to engage in healthy behaviors with a major focus on function and physical activity; measurement; dissemination research


Rogers, Valerie E., PhD, RN, CPNP

Sleep and circadian rhythm disorders and their effect on disease severity in children with chronic illnesses, including sickle cell disease, asthma, and cancer



Social determinants of health, place-based health disparities, social capital, health promotion, primary care

Scrandis, Debra A., PhD, CRNP, BC

Qualitative methodology, interventions to improve medical co-morbidities in patients with severe mental health disorders


Seckman, Charlotte, PhD, RN-BC

Translational informatics, personalized decision support systems, electronic health record (EHR), usability of EHR's, personal health records, building community in online learning environments, informatics competencies in undergraduate and graduate nursing education

Storr, Carla, ScD, MPH

Epidemiology of drug and alcohol involvement and disorders; exploring the dimensional quality of psychiatric syndromes, co-morbidity, and health; exploring the influence of environmental factors, such as work demands and neighborhood disadvantage, on mental health; research design and methods: data collection issues, complexities of survey design, longitudinal research, and other alternative novel approaches 


Trinkoff, Alison M., ScD, MPH, RN, FAAN

Nursing work schedule, working conditions, and impact on care outcomes; injuries to health care workers; patient care outcomes- acute and long term care; substance use problems, obesity 


Velez, Roseann, DNP, CRNP, FNP-BC, FAANP

Antimicrobial resistance

Ward, Chris, PhD

Determinants of neuromuscular and cardiovascular performance, the molecular basis for heart and skeletal muscle dysfunction in chronic disease


Warren, Joan

Advancing nursing education, nurse residency programs, professional development of nurses in health care settings.

Wickersham, Karen, PhD, RN

Translational research aimed at understanding symptoms related to cancer and cancer treatment, and the mechanisms underlying these symptoms; adherence to oral cancer therapies


Wiegand, Debra, PhD, MBE, RN, CCRN, CHPN, FAHA, FAAN

Families of the critically ill, withdrawal of life-sustaining therapy, palliative and end-of-life care in the critical care setting


Zhu, Shijun, PhD

Biostatistical methods and applications in biomedical, public health, and health care research; joint modeling of longitudinal observations and recurrent events; latent class and growth analyses; semiparametric and nonparametric methods