Yulan Liang, PhD

Associate Professor, FCH
Address: 525A
Phone Number: 410-706-4812
Fax Number: 410-706-0344


  • PhD, Biostatistics
  • MS, Applied Statistics


  • Director of Biostatistcial Core: 2009-2014, “P30: UMB Center for Pain Management,” NIH,  $2,400,000, PI: Susan G. Dorsey
  • PI: 2006-2009 “Advanced Bayesian Approaches for Heterogeneous Temporal Genomic Data,” NSF, $144,999
  • Co-I: 2003-2008 “Computational Approaches to Disease Causes and Treatment” NIH, $1,177,500, PI: Aidong Zhang
  • Co-I: 2002-2007 “Periodontal Disease and recurrent CHD Events in MI patients,” NIH, $3,014,206, PI: Maurizio Trevisan
  • PI: 2005-2006 “Computational and Statistical Issues of SNPs/Haplotypes Data Analysis Related to Complex Diseases,” NIH (BCBC) $20,000
  • PI: 2004-2005 “Bayesian Meta-Analysis of Heterogeneous Genomic Data through Hybrid Systems,” NIH (BCBC), $30,000
  • Biostatistician: 2009-2012, “A Function Focused Nursing Intervention for Residents with Dementia,” Alzheimer's Association, $192,000, PI: Beth Galik
  • Biostatistician, 2010-2012, “Nursing Interventions to Improve Heart Failure Outcomes.” ANCC, $800,000, PI: Robin Newhouse
  • Biostatistician, 2010-2012, “Increasing Substance Abuse Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral or Treatment (SBIRT) in Acute Care Hospitals,” Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 300,000, PI: Robin Newhouse
  • Statistician, 2011-2013, “Nursing Home Outcomes: Contextual Factors and Regulatory Oversight of Care Providers,” National Council of State Boards of Nursing, $247,588, PI: Alison Trinkoff
  • Statistician, 2009-2010 “Linking Nursing Work Environments and Patient Outcomes,”National Council of State Boards of Nursing, PI: Alison Trinkoff
  • Statistician, 2009-2010 “Factors Associated with Retention of Army, Navy and Air Force Nurses,” $693,000, PI, George Zangaro
  • Statistician: 2009, “INQRI: Rural Hospital Quality Collaborative on Evidence Based Practice,” Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  PI: Robin Newhouse

Recent Publications

  • Newhouse, R.P, Dennision, C., Morlock, M., Frick, K., Pronovost, P., Liang, Y., (2013) “A Phased Cluster-randomized Trial of Rural Hospitals Testing a Quality Collaborative to Improve Heart Failure Care: Organizational Context Matters.” Medical Care. 51(5):396-403. doi: 10.1097/MLR.0b013e318286e32e.
  • Kelemen, A., Liang, Y., (2012) “Multi-Center Correction Functions for Magnetization Transfer Ratios of MRI Scans.” Journal of Health and Medical Informatics, S3. doi:10.4172/2157-7420.S3-002
  • Flynn, L., Liang, Y., Dickson, G., Xie, M., Boyer, C., Suh.D., (2012) “Nurses’ Practice Environments, Error Interception Practices, and Inpatient Medication Errors”. Journal of Nursing Scholoship, 44(2): 180-6. doi: 10.1111/j.1547-5069.2012.01443.
  • Liang, Y., Kelemen, A., (2011) “Sequential Support Vector Regression with Entropy for SNP selection and Disease Classification”. Journal of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining. 4(3):301-312. DOI: 10.1002/sam.10110.
  • Newhouse, R.P, Dennision, C., Liang, Y., (2011) “Psychometric Testing of the Smoking Cessation Counseling (SCC) Scale” Journal of Nursing Scholoship. 43(4):405-11.
  • Trinkoff, A., Johantgen, M., Storr, C., Gurses, A., Liang, Y., Han, K., (2011) “Nurses Work Schedule Characteristics, Staffing and Patient Mortality” Nursing Research. 60(1):1-8.
  • Trinkoff, A., Johantgen, M., Storr, C., Gurses, A., Liang, Y., Han, K., (2011) “Are Nursing Job Demands and Work Schedule Associated With Hospital Quality Indicators?” Journal of Nursing Regulation. 2(1):10-16.
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  • Newhouse, R.P, Dennision, C., Liang, Y., Morlock, L., Frick, K., Pronovost, P. (2010) “Evidence-based Smoking Cessation Counseling by Registered Nurses: Description and Predictors in Rural Hospitals”. The American Nurse Today.
  • Trinkoff, A., Johantgen, M., Storr, C., Han, K., Liang,Y., Gurses, A. Hopkinson, S. (2010) “Nurses in Magnet hospitals report few differences in working conditions, practice environment and patient safety compared to nurses in non-Magnet hospitals”, Journal of Nursing Administration. 40(7/8):309-315.
  • Tayo, B., Liang, Y., Kelemen, A., Miller, A., Trevisan, M., Cooper,R., (2009) “Use of supplementary phenotype to identify additional rheumatoid arthritis loci in a linkage analysis of 342 UK affected sibling pair families”, BMC Medical Genetics,10(142).  doi:10.1186/1471-2350-10-142
  • Kelemen, A., Vasilakos, A., Liang, Y., (2009). “Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics: SNP/haplotype data in Genetic Association Study for Common Diseases” IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine 13(5):841-7.
  • Liang, Y., Kelemen, A., (2009) “Time Lagged Recurrent Neural Network for Temporal Gene Expression Classification”. International Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology 1(1):91-102.
  • Liang, Y., Kelemen, A., (2009) “Bayesian Finite Markov Mixture Models for Temporal Multi-Tissue Polygenic Patterns”, Biometrical Journal 51(1):56-69
  • Liang, Y., (2009). “Book Review: Introduction to Machine Learning and Bioinformatics. Chapman & Hall/CRC”, Biometrics 65(3), 331.
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Primary Teaching Areas

  • N701 Science and Research for Advanced Nursing Practice (summer 2012, fall 2012, spring 2013, summer 2013, fall 2013) (4 credits)
  • NURS 816: Multivariate Statistics (fall 2008, fall 2009)
  • NURS 816: Multivariable Modeling Approaches for Health Science Researches (fall 2010, fall 2011)
  • NURS 817: Longitudinal Design for Health Sciences (spring 2009, spring 2010)
  • NURS 818: Special Topics in Nursing Research; Special Research Practicum I & II

Academic & Professional Activities

  • Review Committee Emerging Technologies and Training in Neurosciences, NIH; Review Panel for the NIH challenge grants; Review Panel NIH, NIA and NIEHS Special Emphasis Panel & Study Section; Review Committee NSF's IIS 07-577, NSF III-Sm-LB Health/Med Review Panel; Review Committee NSF III-Sm-LB Health/Med Review Panel
  • Member of American Statistical Association; International Biometric Society; American Society of Human Genetics; International Bayesian Society; Joint Statistical Computing and Statistical Graphics; President (elect): Buffalo-Niagara Chapter of the American Statistical Association (2004-2005)
  • Referee: Statistics in Medicine; Biometrics; Statistical Application in Genetics and Computational Biology; Journal of Nursing Research, Statistical Inference and Planning; Bioinformatics; BMC Genetics; BMC Bioinformatics; Proteomics; Integrative and Functional Genomics; Computational Statistics and Data Analysis; the Western Journal of Nursing Research; Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks