Research Centers

Our centers' extramurally funded investigators study a variety of critical health problems including chronic pain, impulsivity and drug abuse, neuromuscular disorders, sleep, web-based interventions, health care organizational issues, and bone health.

Biology and Behavior Across the Lifespan (BBAL) Organized Research Center

a nurse researcher helping a patient with a patient portal

BBAL investigates the management of disease, the optimization of health, and the ways in which biological findings can influence disease prevalence and progression.

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University of Maryland Center to Advance Chronic Pain Research (CACPR)

nurse researchers conducting a study

CACPR is a campus-wide entity that seeks to promote cutting edge basic, translational, and clinical biomedical research that will advance our understanding and treatment of chronic pain.

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Center for Health Outcomes Research (CHOR)

a nurse researcher with a toddler

CHOR aims to improve health outcomes of people and systems of care; it provides numerous activities to support its researchers in training, service, and discovery.

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Omics Associated with Self-Management Interventions for Symptoms (OASIS) Center

a nurse research with a patient on an exercise machine

The OASIS Center focuses on identifying how individual differences influence the effectiveness of exercise on managing chronic pain.

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