Poster Presentations

Poster #1
Telenursing  – An Evolving World of Care
Rachel Albert, PhD

Poster #2
Game Based Learning to Teach Electronic Health Record (EHR) Use
Karen Beach, BSN, RN-BC
Toni Hebda, PhD, RN-BC, MSIS, CNE
Dee McGonigle, PhD, RN, CNE, FAAN, ANEF
Eric Bauman, PhD, RN
Carolyn Sipes, PhD, RN-BC, CNS, APN, PMP

Poster #3     
Submission Process for Requesting SNOMED CT Clinical Concepts
Lindy Buhl, BSN, RN
Susan Matney, MSN, RN

Poster #4                 
Usability Testing and Comparison of Six Electronic Nursing Record Systems: User-Task-System Evaluation
Insook Cho, PhD
Won Ja Choi, MS
Woan Heui Choi, MS

Poster #5                 
Nursing Informatics Driving Patient Outcomes
Marta Cook, BSN, RN
Stacey Carmichael, BSN, RN

Poster #6
Case Study: Implementation of Electronic Health Record Using Rogers Diffusion of Innovation
Rosario Estrada, DNP, RN-BC, CPN
Gerti Heider, PhD, MSN, APN,GNP-BC 

Poster #7
Examining the Relationship Between Nursing Informatics Competency and Evidence-Based Practice Competency Among Acute Care Nurses
Susanne Fehr, MS, RN-BC, NE-BC

Poster #8
A Hybrid Learning Approach to Patient Education for Blood and Marrow Transplantation
Cheryl Fisher, EdD, RN-BC
Claiborne Miller-Davis, MS
Mike Krumlauf, BSN
Nonniekay Shelburne, MS, CRNP, AOCN
Gwenyth Wallen, PhD

Poster #9            
Nursing Informatics: ANA Scope and Standards of Practice
Paulette Fraser, MS, RN-BC

Poster #10  
Connecting CCC to SNOMED CT and LOINC in a Terminology Server
Tiffany Harman, RN
Susan Matney, MSN 

Poster #11
Gap Analysis of SNOMED CT Content Coverage for a Decision Support System
Rachel Howe, BSN, RN
Susan Matney, MSN

Poster #12
Integrating mHealth Into Patient-Provider Chronic Disease Management – a Sociotechnical Perspective. Challenges and Lessons Learned from the Pocket PATH Synergy
Taya Irizarry, MSN, RN
Annette De Vito Dabbs, PhD, RN, FAAN 

Poster #13
Targeting Patient Outcomes: Increasing Accuracy of Documentation
Melissa Kolod, BS
Cynthia Lundberg, MSN, RN
Jennifer Kingery, BSN, RN

Poster #14
Leveling Informatics Online Education Across Baccalaureate, Master’s, and Doctoral Programs in a School of NursingHeidi Landry, DNS, RN
Michael Landry, DNS, RN

Poster #15
Transcultural Analysis of Medical Device Alarm Trepidations: A Nursing Perspective and New Theory Proposal
Colleen Lindell, MHSA, RN

Poster #16
Using HIT to Facilitate Transitions of Care
Cristina Mahabir, MS, RN
Gilad Kuperman, MD, PhD
Ruben Lantigua, MSN, RN

Poster #17
Improving Depression Screening Using CDS and Patient Access to Info Using PHRs
Cristina Mahabir, MS, RN
Gilad Kuperman, MD, PhD
Ruben Lantigua, MSN, RN
Nebojsa Mirkovic, PhD, MPH

Poster #18   
mHealth: Report of the NI2014 Post-Conference on Mobile Health
Susan Newbold, PhD, RN-BC, FAAN, FHIMSS, CHTS-CP

Poster #19
An Interdisciplinary Approach to Clinical Documentation Across the Care Continuum
Jayne O’Leary, RN
Catherine Galla, MSN

Poster #20
Health Center-Controlled Networks: Advancing Health Care Quality Through Health Information Technology at Community Health Centers
Anna Poker, RN

Poster #21
Nurse Informaticist as Consumer eHealth Advocate
Elaine Polinak, MSN

Poster #22
Mitigating Outages of Digital Phones
Rebecca Qualey, MA, RN

Poster #23
Tailoring a Systems Learning Curriculum for New Clinicians Across the Care Continuum
Kristy Reynolds, MSN, MBA, RN, CPON, OCN
Jill Vickers, MSN, RN
Jamie Douglas, RN
Ashley Sediqzad, RN

Poster #24
Promoting Patient-Centered Care Through the Practical Application of Informatics Concepts in a Baccalaureate Nursing Curriculum
Charlotte Seckman, PhD, RN-BC

Poster #25
Increasing Communication with Referring Providers to Enhance Patient-Centered Care
Diane Skojec, DNP, CRNP
Bernadette Naquin, BSN, RN, CWCN
Christal Moore, MHA, MBA, FACHE

Poster #26
Leveraging a Tele-ICU Program to Provide Palliative Care to All ICU Patients: A Pilot Study
Courtney Stear, BSN, RN