A Day in the Life

Henry InegbenosunAt 7 a.m., Henry Inegbenosun isn’t just rolling out of bed. Instead, you can find him exercising on a treadmill. Why? Inegbenosun, a third-semester, full-time student, typically takes 15-17 credits each semester, has 24 hours of weekly clinical rotations for his courses, and takes part in a host of extracurricular activities. He uses exercise and meditation to reduce stress.

Although getting some exercise is the first thing Inegbenosun does, he believes that his day actually begins the night before as he reviews content for the next day’s class and assembles an agenda to remain on top of his extracurricular school activities.  Then, when he wakes up in the morning, he is prepared for the day. Once Inegbenosun arrives at the School of Nursing, he attends lectures and leads weekly guided-study sessions for students whose second language is English. Following a jam-packed day, Inegbenosun heads to the library until around 11 p.m.

Although Inegbenosun, who also serves as president of the American Assembly of Men in Nursing and is Mentorship Chair of the Nursing Student Government Association, is constantly on the go, his daily grind is all worth it as he pursues his passion. From a young age, Inegbenosun knew he wanted to be a nursing professional who promotes healthy living. He says the key to succeeding as a student is effective time management. To stay on top of his responsibilities, he relies on a weekly planner to keep him organized. In the planner, Inegbenosun lists projects, academic deadlines and other responsibilities. Although his schedule is hectic, he says balance is very important, so he is sure to have the right mix of school-related and leisure activities. He enjoys cooking, reading, shopping, sleeping, volunteering, yoga, and spending time with family and friends. Inegbenosun says a nice balance is achievable, but the key is a strong support system, setting realistic goals and a schedule, and sticking to them.