A Day in the Life

Sawyer Sperry HeadshotIt may sound cliché, but for Sawyer Spurry it is absolutely true — he begins each day with a cup of coffee. Many of Sawyer’s peers can attest to the fact that he is seldom seen without a Cup of Joe.  Sawyer feels that coffee keeps him grounded and helps him to feel ready to begin his day. The second-semester Clinical Nurse Leader student is balancing 12 credits with a clinical rotation on the Cardiac Progressive Care Unit at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Sawyer also works at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center on Mondays and on the night shift every other weekend. At the close of most days, Sawyer can be found in the library planning out his week, as he is involved in several extracurricular activities outside of the classroom. Sawyer volunteers as a guided-study session leader for the first-semester course, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology. He enjoys assisting and connecting with new students. Additionally, Sawyer is a part of the Graduate Nursing Association, serving as its primary senator for the University Student Government Association; is the legislative chair for the American Assembly for Men in Nursing; and was accepted into the President’s Student Leadership Institute. Although he has a very hectic schedule, it is extremely important to Sawyer to maintain a healthy balance between school and social activities. When he’s not doing school-related activities, he enjoys going to the gym, hanging out with friends, and most importantly, sleeping. For Sawyer, nursing school has been rewarding thus far, and has been easier to navigate because he leans on a support group. He has learned that it is okay to ask for advice and insight from faculty members and students who are semesters ahead of him.