Nursing Student Computing Requirements

Nursing Student Computing Requirements

All nursing students are required to meet computer literacy requirements and have a personal computer that meets the minimum specification listed below. The University of Maryland School of Nursing (UMSON) recommends a Windows/Intel laptop computer

Laptop Computer Specifications

Following are the UMSON minimum hardware specifications for a Windows/Intel based laptop computer:

  • Intel Core i5 Processor
  • Windows 10 Operating System or greater
  • 14.0 or 15.6 inch Wide Screen LCD
  • 8GB of memory
  • 500GB Hard Drive
  • Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet network card
  • Integrated 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless network card

The UMSON recommends Windows/Intel based laptop computers to ensure full compatibility with internal systems and applications, and to complete assignments. While Macintosh computers may work for some operations, there may be instances where a Macintosh will not be compatible. Please note that the SON is not able to provide assistance or support of any kind for Macintosh computers or equipment.


The UMSON recommends installing the following software on Windows/Intel laptops:

  • Microsoft Office 365 (available as a no-cost download to active students)

Computer Literacy Requirements

Each student is expected to have minimum computer literacy skills upon enrollment. Each student is required to have a computer that meets the UMSON minimum hardware specifications. The UMSON has a computer lab with a moderate amount of PCs available for student use during posted hours of operation.

Computer literacy is defined as the essential knowledge needed to function independently with a computer. It is further defined as having basic knowledge about and the ability to operate the computer and software including word processing, e-mail, presentation packages e.g. Power Point, plus the ability to manage files, and use the Internet.

Students who do not feel they have minimum basic computer literacy are to seek out appropriate computer workshops or courses prior to starting their nursing program.

Wireless Connectivity at Shady Grove

Students with laptops that wish to connect to the wireless network at the Universities at Shady Grove should go to the open computer lab ED I Room 207 for answers to questions and to receive wireless network registration paperwork.