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Examplify Directions

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 1 Read Directions to Download Examplify to your Computer (PDF) Downloading Examplify to your Computer - 2023
 2 Check Computer Minimum System Requirements

The below link assist you with the following information:

SON Laptop Requirements (PDF) - updated April 2023

  • Instructions on how to check your computer’s specifications
  • Instructions on how to update your device
  • Instructions on how to check your version of Examplify


  • Use Chrome as your default browser
  • SON does not support iPads for exams.
 3 Download Examplify


How to Download Examplify - Video (05 min 34 secs)

 4 Institution Code

Examplify will ask for an Institution Code. Please add the below text under "Add New Account":


Scroll down to find "University of Maryland School of Nursing"

Sample Image:

5 Take Practice Quiz
  • In Blackboard find a course called:
    "Blackboard Prepare for ExamSoft Practice Quiz - Spring 2022"
  • Read directions in the course
  • Download and take "Examplify Practice Quiz" in Examplify
  • Password to "Examplify Practice Quiz" can be found in the "Blackboard Prepare for ExamSoft Practice Quiz - Spring 2022" course under "Assessments"
 6 View Exam Results (If applicable) 


How to View Exam Released Results

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