These resources ensure the success of online learning by coordinating curriculum software and hardware to produce and distribute learning resources to integrate technology into the classrooms for teachers and students. 


The University of Maryland offers library services at the Health Sciences and Human Services Library (HS/HSL), allowing students to not only access resources on campus, but online as well. The HS/HSL offers access to reserved readings, e-books, and journal articles for your coursework and/or research.

Best Practice Tips

Be Active

As a student in an online class, you have the responsibility to schedule an adequate amount of time to be involved in your course. Since online classes do not have the set lecture schedule that face-to-face classes have, you must make sure you set aside time for reading, viewing, and listening to module content, as well as discussions, interactions, and activities. Making sure you are active and present in your course allows you to get the most out of the experience, as well as foster a sense of community with your classmates and instructor. Staying active also helps keep you on track  and makes sure you are prepared for the graded assessments and assignments.

Providing feedback to the instructor also helps them make sure you and your classmates are learning the content.

The content for the courses can vary greatly. You will want to review the syllabus and figure out what is an appropriate amount of time to be in the class. We suggest at least 3-4 times a week, but ideally you will at least check in daily. Generally, it’s better to err on the side for being more active and then scale it back if it seems appropriate.

Access Blackboard

Familiarize yourself with Blackboard environment and courses. Courses can include various file types (PDF, Microsoft Office, Flash, videos, etc.) as well as multiple technologies including Mediasite, Collaborate, and Turning Point. Be proactive and explore these course components and technologies. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office.

Utilize the Tutorials

Familiarize yourself with Blackboard course tools and the navigation system:

Avoid Technical Problems

  • It is a good practice to submit assignments prior to their due date in case you have a technical problem.
  • It is highly recommended that first time online learners take the practice quiz prior to the real exams.

Know in advance who you will need to contact if you have any technical problems while working with Blackboard.

Make a Schedule

Have a calendar for each class with important dates and when assignments are due.

Be Organized

Have all work in folders or binders and keep everything organized by date, topic, or chapter.