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Tips for using Webex or any video-conferencing software, if you have limited or no Internet bandwidth:

  • If you do not have strong WiFi -lower video quality or turn off your web camera, and better yet, share your content before the call.
  • Close unnecessary applications - audio and video competes for the same resources and under pressure will impact the quality of your collaboration experience.
  • If you have no WiFi - use the direct dial numbers for your meeting, which you can find in the invite.
  • Enrich your collaboration experience - While working from home, there may be a lot of background noise. Consider muting yourself if you are not speaking.
  • Webex can run outside of VPN - Turning off VPN for Webex can lead to a better experience for audio, video and sharing.
  • For more tips and information on preserving network bandwidth please visit this page

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