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The Student Success Center's services are available to all UMSON students, including those enrolled at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG). Additionally, USG students can take advantage of the other student services available to them at that location. 

Become the best student you can be.

The Student Success Center (SSC) can help you reach your academic, social, and professional development goals. We pride ourselves on the hands-on approach we take with each student and look forward to helping you succeed. 

All of our services are offered at no additional charge to students.

Our academic and career services include:

Academic Coaching

Sometimes, life gets in the way of our academic pursuits. The Student Success Center staff can work with you to identify road blocks, uncover obstacles, and generate new paths forward toward academic success. We can help with:

  • time management
  • study strategies
  • test-taking skills
  • stress management.

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Bi-Annual Career Fair

Need help finding a job or internship? Attend a career fair! 

The SSC brings local, regional, and national employers to campus every November and April.

Our career fairs are open to all UMSON students, including those enrolled at the Universities at Shady Grove, as well as recent alumni.

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Career Services and Resources

If you're a student or alumni, the SSC can help you find and apply for positions. Our services include:

  • 1:1 career counseling
  • resume and cover letter assistance
  • career workshops
  • mock interviews
  • bi-annual career fairs.

To schedule career counseling or resume/cover letter assistance:

  • For RN-to-BSN or BSN students: schedule with Christine King
  • For master’s and doctoral students: schedule with Christine King

Please send a draft of your resume and/or cover letter to us BEFORE scheduling an appointment.

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Career Tools:

Additional Resources:

Job Boards

Finding a job has never been easier! We regularly update:

We encourage you to visit often!

Leadership Development

Leadership skills are highly sought after by employers. Why? Because leaders show initiative and are highly motivated, skills that can make you stand out as an applicant.

 The SSC can support you in the pursuit of leadership skills through:

Professional Advising (BSN and CNL only)

If you're an entry-into-practice (BSN or CNL) student, professional advisors in the SSC can provide you with individualized, integrative, and ongoing educational support to promote academic success, career exploration, and your personal well-being. Upon admission to the BSN program or CNL option, you'll be assigned a professional advisor who will guide you in the development of educational plans that are consistent with your academic, personal, and professional goals.

Professional Advising Assignments

Conway Scholars

  • Jill Pahel

BSN Students

  • First and Second Semesters: Jill Pahel
  • Third and Fourth Semesters: Larry Fillian

CNL students

  • First and Second Semesters: Katie Lamp
  • All Others: Christine King

Students who enrolled at UMSON prior to fall 2015 should contact their assigned faculty advisor.

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The SSC maintains an active library of two copies of each required textbook associated with the BSN and CNL courses.

The textbooks are for reference only and must be used within the SSC area.


A tutor helps a student by drawing on a whiteboard.

The SSC offers Learning Lab Sessions and Peer Tutoring in specific courses taught by people who have previously completed those courses and who have strong communication and teaching skills.

All of our services are offered at no additional charge to students.

Learning Lab Sessions (BSN & CNL only) Peer Tutoring (all students)
Learning Lab Sessions are group sessions held in a classroom to study course material.  Private tutoring can be set up 1:1 or 1:2-3 at a mutually agreed-upon location. 

Group sessions are offered for the following fall 2019 courses:

  • BSN: 314, 324, 327, 414
  • CNL: 501, 503, 505

To schedule:

  • Pick up a schedule in Room 106
  • Look on the individual course Blackboard page

To schedule:

  • For BSN Courses (314, 316, 317, 319, 324, 327, 414)
    See the SSC in Suite 106 to see our list of tutors and schedule a session.

  • For CNL Courses (501, 503, 505, 514)
    See the SSC in Suite 106 to see our list of tutors and schedule a session.

  • For 790 and 452
    Send an email to Henry ( to arrange a session.

  • For 795 
    Send an email to Samiat ( to arrange a session.

Tutors try their best to meet your availability needs, however, there is no guarantee that your availability with match that of the tutor. Please be as flexible as possible. Our tutors are students first. 

You'll also need to complete a Peer Tutoring Agreement.

Above photo: During a Learning Lab Session, a tutor helps students synthesize the most difficult concepts in a course.

Writing Support

A professional writing tutor is available both in person and online to assist you with:

  • grammar
  • APA style
  • restructuring a paper.

The tutor also holds workshops on writing and APA style throughout the semester.

All of our services are offered at no additional charge to students.

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Christine King, EdD, MSEd
Director, Student Success Center, OSAS
Address: 106C
Phone Number: 410-706-4959 - See more at:
Director, Student Success Center
Room: 104A
Phone: 410-706-4959
Kathryn Lamp Kathryn Lamp, PhD
Assistant Director, Student Success Center
Room: 106E
Phone: 410-706-0502
Jillian Pahel

Jillian Pahel, BS
Assistant Director, Student Services for Conway Scholars
Address: 106D
Phone: 410-706-3049

Laura El Shafei Laura El Shafei, MPH, MA, RN
Director of Student Success, USG
Building I, Room 216E at USG
Phone: 301-738-6234
Dardanelles Estes headshot Dardanelles Estes, AA
Coordinator, Student Success Center
Room: 106
Phone: 410-706-5565